Activists Push Medicare to Tackle Climate Change

“Biden came into office saying that fighting climate change was his number one priority and he was going to take a ‘whole-government approach.’ It's not just Medicare - it's every agency in the federal government fighting climate change.”

Hospital Mergers Jumped 25 Percent in 2021

“Despite the best arguments in support of hospital mergers, creating hospital monopolies does not improve patient outcomes, nor does it decrease health care costs.”

Ohio Makes Emergency Telehealth Rules Permanent

Under the new statute, public and private insurance companies are required to reimburse for telemedicine services offered by providers including psychologists, therapists, audiologists, physical therapists, dietitians, and optometrists, effective March 23.

Health Insurance Transparency Rule Faces Uncertain Future

The rule requires insurers to disclose cost-sharing estimates at the request of an enrollee (beginning in 2023) and publicly release negotiated rates for in-network providers, historical out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges, and drug pricing information (beginning in 2022).

Businesses Welcome Relief from U.S. Supreme Court on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

(The Center Square) – Businesses welcomed a U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday that ordered a temporary stay on an economy-wide federal requirement that forced...

Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID-19 After Antibodies Wane – Commentary

"It is not true that immunity wanes when there is no longer the active presence of antibodies following an infection."

Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent of Letting the American People Make Medical Decisions for Themselves

“So dangerous and short-sighted. How will I stay healthy? I don’t even recognize this America anymore.”

Heartland/Rasmussen Poll: Democrats Still Support Draconian COVID Measures

59% of Democrats support government forcing Americans to remain confined in their homes if they refuse the COVID vaccine

‘Unheard of’ 40 percent Increase in Deaths Among Working-age People – Insurance Executive

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10 percent increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So, 40 percent is just unheard of.”

Fauci, Collins Tried to Discredit Great Barrington Declaration – Commentary

In emails written four days after the Great Barrington Declaration and disclosed recently after a FOIA request, it was revealed that the two conspired to undermine the Declaration.

Build Back Better Could Have Destroyed Jobs, Access to Employer Health Care

BBB could have provided enough disincentives, that employers would have slashed seven million jobs. Also, social programs under BBB would have made gainful employment less attractive.

Restrictions on Midwives Drive Up Birth Costs and Create Maternity Deserts – Report

“A lot of people think the regulations are following the science, but they're not. They're following the money, and the money is in big, consolidated hospital complexes that employ a lot of people and hold incredible political sway.”

Health Agencies Push COVID-19 Testing to More “Positive” Results

Testing positive has a domino effect on activity because individuals who test positive inform others, who then feel compelled to get tested or stay home. What if the results are wrong?

COVID-19 May be Waning, but Will They Tell Us? – Commentary

"The rules and regulations of the pandemic always have been first and foremost about control, not health. To declare them over is to lose control."

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