With Rogue Juror, Opioid Plaintiffs Face New Setback Most Foul

On a Friday in the middle of October, Judge Dan Aaron Polster discovered that a member of the unsequestered jury had done a little digging on her own and brought brochures related to the case into the jury room, distributing them to the other jurors.

Billing Codes Impede Medical Innovation

  “Billing codes are the enemy of innovations that reduce cost and improve the quality of care. The reason: No matter how good the innovation, bureaucratic obstacles delay its use,”

Stossel: Louisiana Requires Respite Care Providers to Prove They’re Needed

by John Stossel "Why does Louisiana have the right to stop me from doing what I love to do?" asks Ursula Newell-Davis in my new...

OSHA’s ‘Emergency’ Vaccine Mandate Exceeds Its Power And Is Dangerously Totalitarian

Ironically, Democrats and the political left spent four years accusing Donald Trump of ignoring the Constitution, emasculating the legislative branch, and imposing totalitarian fascism through the executive branch.

Prager: Gay Pariahs, Unvaccinated Pariahs, the Left, and the Truth

by Dennis Prager Last week in an interview on Newsmax, I said: "During the AIDS crisis, can you imagine if gay men and intravenous drug users,...

CMS Sits on Money for Care of the Needy in Texas

Not long after Biden took office, his administration rescinded the waiver, not because of any material issues pertaining to the application but because of a procedural issue with the paperwork.

CDC Revises Its Definition of “Vaccine” – Commentary

"Why would the government’s key public health agency change the definition of what a vaccine is in the midst of a pandemic?  After millions of Americans have taken the shot?  And millions more are being beaten into taking it for the first time and others to get booster shots."

Biden and Becerra Kill Democratic Norms to Funnel Money to Abortion Providers- Commentary

Public input is legally required and standard practice for agency rulemaking. It not only makes for better rules, but it furthers democracy by allowing the public to voice their concerns about agency rules that have the force of law, but that their elected representatives in Congress never voted on.

Rx for Disaster: Democrats’ Bill Shows How Not to Get Affordable, Innovative Prescription Drugs

Congressional Democrats have released their latest version of a drug-pricing proposal that would expand government’s role by setting prices for prescription drugs for the...

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Would Cut Two Million People from Private Health Coverage

A deeper dive into the CBO’s data shows the number of Americans with private health coverage is estimated to decline, on net, by nearly 2 million when the bill’s provisions are fully implemented.

Prager: Natural Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity

You never know when something you say will go viral. It has happened a number of times in my career, the latest being comments...

San Francisco to Require Children to Prove COVID-19 Vaccination

(The Center Square) – Children ages 5 to 11 residing in San Francisco could soon be required to show proof of vaccination to enter...

Resistance to COVID-19 Mandates Grows

"These very dangerous behavior patterns are identical to those that fostered the rise of Hitler during WWII, and must be resisted at all costs."

Your Health Privacy: What Government Giveth, Government can Taketh Back – Commentary

"Let’s go back in time to 1981, the beginning of the AIDs epidemic as well as a time of heightened sexual promiscuity. Imagine asking members of the gay community to show proof of a negative test prior to being allowed into an establishment."

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