Trend in Vaccine Deaths Shows More than “Natural Occurrence”

"Within the first 30 days after the vaccination, some 120 should have died, which leaves 573 deaths apparently attributable to the vaccinations.”

Deaths Rattle Public’s Confidence in Vaccines

The U.S. government’s nationwide database, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) states as of February 4, there were 653 deaths and 12,697 adverse events reported after individuals received the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

Pop Culture Rethinks Obesity to Prevent “Body Shaming”

"When someone is overweight and we instruct them of the benefits of healthier lifestyle which can result in weight loss, it is not intended as a pejorative but rather fulfilling our oath to assist them in living a longer more fulfilling and functional life.”

Black Americans Need Better Health Care, Not More Race Theories – Commentary

As the nation honors Martin Luther King each year, it is helpful to remember that this civil rights leader was not only a thinker...

Public Life Dying Under Lockdowns

Nearly our entire public life—the things that make life worth living—has been shut down, ruined, put out of business, and burned to the ground in total defiance of the Constitution.

Public Life, Gone Under

It has been nearly one year since many lockdown orders in response to COVID-19 were put in place. States have had wide discretion on what...

Pregnant Women: Beware of COVID Shots

Twenty years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I transformed into a total health nut. A lifelong couch potato, I started...

Cancel Culture Limits COVID-19 Information

“Censorship is suppressing early treatments that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, diminished the fear, and facilitated re-opening.”

Biden Empowers Fauci

Fauci’s contradictory statements led to his falling out of favor with the Trump White House. 

Are Masks Here to Stay? Interview

There is no evidence that mask mandates will be lifted in 2021, and some are saying it may be six or seven years. Essentially, this means “forever.”

Biden Renews Ties with WHO, Despite China Questions

It was WHO’s statement from mid-January 2020 that COVID-19 could not be transmitted from human to human and the organization’s close ties to China, the source of the virus, that prompted Trump to freeze U.S. funding for WHO and announce on May 29 that the U.S. would terminate its membership. 

Cuomo Under Fire for Stalling on Nursing Home Death Data

"It appears the Governor panicked and then covered up the tragic results.”

Lockdowns Had Some Impact on Virus, Big Impact on Employment

A review of one year of data shows that the states with the fewest lockdown policies, as determined by a, had the least change in unemployment rates in December 2020 compared to  December 2019.

Patient Takes Hospital to Court for Life-Saving COVID-19 Treatment

“Medicine’s worst nightmare began with hospitals or health care systems controlling physician decision-making.”

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