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Open Letter Calls For End to Health Care Red Tape

Eighty-three health care leaders and participants in the Health Policy Consensus Group signed an open letter June 18 urging Congress and the Trump Administration to permanently remove hundreds of rules that were waived in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The letter, signed by individuals from The Heartland Institute and The Goodman Institute, which publish Health Care News, recommends three areas for reform: making health insurance “portable,” making communication with providers easier, and giving consumers better control of how their health care dollars are spent.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how government red tape gets in the way of a rapid response and interferes with patients being able to quickly and efficiently get the care they need from those they trust,” the letter states.

-Staff reports

Internet info:

The Health Policy Consensus Group, The Galen Institute, open-letter to President Trump, June 18, 2020: https://galen.org/2020/responding-to-the-coronavirus-crisis-and-building-a-stronger-health-sector-for-the-future/


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