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Parler Sues Amazon, Seeks Prompt Court Action

From Pajamas Media:

“On Monday, Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon, accusing the company of breaching its contract and violating a century-old anti-trust law by promoting Twitter at its competitor’s expense. Amazon had removed Parler from its servers on Monday morning, claiming the conservative social media platform refused to remove posts advocating violence at the Capitol riots last Wednesday.

“Due to Amazon’s removal, ‘Parler will be offline for a financially devastating period,’ the lawsuit claims. It alleges that Amazon applied a double standard, breaking its contract with Parler over a small number of posts while preserving its ties with Twitter, where threats of violence reached into the thousands on Friday. Amazon acted just as conservatives were flocking from Twitter to Parler, following Twitter’s ban of President Donald Trump’s accounts. . . .

“Parler brings three claims against Amazon. It accuses AWS of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by ‘contracting or conspiring to restrain trade or commerce.’ It accuses AWS of breach of contract ‘by not providing thirty days’ notice before terminating its account’ [as required by the terms of the contract between the two firms]. Finally, it accuses Amazon of ‘tortious interference with a contract or business expectancy.’ By terminating Parler’s contract, ‘AWS will intentionally interfere with the contracts Parler has with millions of its present users, as well as with the users it is projected to gain this week.'”

Read the full article here.


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