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Public Life Dying Under Lockdowns

Guest Commentary By Michael Walsh

The current death count from the CCP Virus [COVID-19] very generously defined as the death of anyone who dies after having tested positive—stands at roughly 420,000, or 0.127 percent of the estimated U.S. population of 330 million.

Or, to take just “cases” (the new benchmark, which is a function of increased testing, not increasing infection): there have been 25.3 million cases in the United States, of which 1.66 percent have resulted in death. Is this “unacceptable”? If so, why? To reverse the maxim attributed to Stalin, a million deaths are a tragedy, but one death is a statistic—and one that has been psychologically weaponized against the American people.

Gone: The Joy of Life

Music, art, dance, theater, motion pictures—all are now closer to death than the obese 85-year-old diabetics with heart conditions and other comorbidities who make up the lion’s share of deaths directly attributed to the virus. The same goes for public gatherings—except, of course, for the violent riots by members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, vengeful anarchists and fascists using the cover of the pandemic to settle their scores or simply to break and burn stuff.

Another real victim is the hospitality sector, including airlines, travel agents, hotels, restaurants, and bars, all of which have long been the targets of the “climate change” lunatics and Luddites. And don’t forget, crucially, churches and synagogues, which militant atheists have long wished to shutter because the very thought of a God is anathema to them.

Nearly our entire public life—the things that make life worth living—has been shut down, ruined, put out of business, and burned to the ground in total defiance of the Constitution. Not to mention the security of our electoral system, whose safeguards in many states were summarily junked during the recent presidential election. If and when everything reopens, it will be under the conditions of the “new normal,” which means that, in practice, they will never, ever, ever let us go.

Paralyzed by Fear

In retrospect, many things cost Donald Trump the election, but the thing that most did him in was his decision to put the self-aggrandizing Anthony Fauci on national television for weeks on end to frighten the U.S. public and pave the way for the Stalinist conformity to which the public is now exhorted and commanded.

Perhaps worst of all, affecting our very humanity, is the notion of “social distancing,” which has cruelly separated both individuals and generations, instructing people to regard their fellow human being not as a fellow child of God but a radioactive nightmare as likely to kill you as look at you. Children in particular have been taught the most useful lesson the ruling class behind this monstrous policy could hope for: fear, obedience, and submission.

As I write in my new best-seller, “Last Stands,” “if nothing is worth dying for, then what are we living for?” After a year of COVID, during which we have surrendered our civil liberties and our way of life to a handful of intellectually mediocre and morally reprehensible bureaucrats—some unelected—what have we got to show for it? We live, effectively, under house arrest.


Michael Walsh is the editor of The Pipeline.org, and author of “Last Stands,” “The Devil’s Pleasure Place,” and “Fiery Angel.” This is an excerpt from his commentary published January 25, 202,1 in Epoch Times.  Reprinted with permission.


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