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Philadelphia District Attorney Challenged by Victim Groups

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner faces a reelection challenge supported by crime victims who say he is not doing his job.

“He cares more about the criminals than he does about the victims,” said Shaki’ra Wilson-Burroughs in a video ad imploring Philadelphia residents to “Fire Krasner.”

Wilson-Burroughs’ brother, Philadelphia Police Sergeant Robert Wilson III, was killed in the line of duty in 2015.

Krasner was elected District Attorney of Philadelphia with well over a million dollars in funding from billionaire international leftist financier George Soros. Soros has influenced numerous D.A. races in a stealthy effort to overhaul the justice system throughout the United States.

Soros has been backing far-left candidates for district attorney offices across the country for years, AMAC reports. Soros’ strategy is to infuse a large amount of money late in the race when there is not enough time for opponents to communicate the source of funding and link the Soros-backed candidate to the financier’s unpopular pro-criminal, anti-police policies.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the increased violence in U.S. cities is a direct result of early release and other soft-on-crime policies implemented by progressive district attorneys financed by Soros, American Greatness reports.

“We are in the middle of an enormous crime wave,” Gingrich writes. “The breadth of the violence and the decay of safety and civilization [are] unprecedented. Facing this astonishing rise in murders and even bigger rises in shootings, car jackings, and other criminal behavior, the anti-police, pro-criminal left is proving it has learned nothing.”

Documenting the connection between leftist D.A.s and crime waves, the Capitol Research Center (CRC) reports the unprecedented increase in violent crime in many cities is directly connected to the policies of Soros-funded progressive district attorneys.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund analyzed crime data for six cities led by progressive district attorneys, the CRC notes. In each of the six, felony crime rates have increased and the prosecution rate has decreased, the researchers found. Another commonality among the six cities: all their district attorneys were backed by Soros.

The Soros soft-on-crime policies have reduced prosecution rates, resulting in more criminals being on the streets and free to engage in violence.

These are radical D.A.s “who seek to use their elected positions to unilaterally end mass incarceration and racial disparities in convictions and reduce recidivism rates,” writes John Byrne for the CRC.

In Philadelphia, Soros spent $1.45 million to help elect Krasner. Since Krasner took office in January 2018, Philadelphia has experienced an 18 percent increase in aggravated assaults with guns. Krasner has reduced prosecution of those crimes by 22 percent.

Soros-backed prosecutors tend to be elected in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia, where Democrats hold overwhelming majorities and the population is largely black or minority. Although the progressive district attorneys claim to be seeking racial justice, they  infuse minority neighborhoods with radical increases in crime and violence. With criminals emboldened by the lack of consequences, the violence then spills over into other areas, including commercial districts. This destroys the quality of life and demoralizes the public, says journalist Pedro Gonzalez.

“In places like New York, random attacks on civilians are increasingly common, often in connection to a so-called ‘knockout game,’ where thugs sucker-punch random people, sometimes killing them,” writes Gonzalez at American Greatness.

“In Philadelphia, roving black motorcyclists cause car collisions—then mercilessly maul drivers in the streets, pulling guns on their victims. … Police are retreating from violent black crime but citizens—especially white citizens—are forbidden from protecting themselves.”

Big-city police departments now “mostly exist to repress everyday Americans, upholding a system of anarcho-tyranny,” Gonzalez writes.

“Along with slashing a hostile Department of Defense budget, the Right should seriously consider defunding some of the police as an act of self-defense, and learn to fight fire with fire,” Gonzalez concludes.

People are not protected, communities are not safe, and families feel abandoned by progressive district attorneys in these cities, says retired SWAT Sergeant Steve Rodriguez.

“I strongly condemn the elites who allow the weak to be preyed upon,” Rodriguez said. “These public officials live in secure neighborhoods but allow lower-income areas to be ravaged by vipers who have neither compassion nor remorse for their victims.”

Eileen Griffin
Eileen Griffin writes from Richland, Washington.


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