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More than a Third of Americans Wouldn’t Pay $1 to Reduce Carbon Dioxide

A poll of 1200 registered voters taken by the Competitive Enterprise Institute found 35 percent unwilling to spend anything for carbon dioxide reduction:

“When asked about willingness to spend out-of-pocket to mitigate climate change, 35 percent of respondents said they would not spend a dollar. Fifteen percent said they would spend up to $10 of their own money on climate change policies. The poll also found 53 percent of respondents would be somewhat or very unlikely to spend extra money to replace a gas-powered car with an electric vehicle.”

Said Myron Ebell of CEI:

“’This poll shows once again that Americans are unwilling to pay for the left’s anti-energy policies,’ said Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell. ‘The more people learn about the Biden-Harris Blackout Agenda, the less support there will be for spending trillions of taxpayer dollars for no measurable benefits.’”

Jane Shaw Stroup
Jane Shaw Stroup
Jane Shaw Stroup is the higher education editor for School Reform News at The Heartland Institute.


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