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Thorner: Important Recommendations for Meaningful Election Reform

By Nancy Thorner

John Droz, Jr., a physicist and Environmental Advocate, puts out a free Media Balance Newsletter covering COVID to Climate as well as Energy to Elections.

Droz is the editor of the Newsletter, but it is a collection of materials received from many good people.  Check out the links for the Newsletter’s 2020 archives and 2021 archives.  If you’d like to subscribe, simply email John at “aaprjohn” at “northnet” dot “org”.

On June 9, 2021, Thorner received John’s latest Newsletter informing her that his new “Post-Election Audits Report” had just been released.  The report is of great importance because the future of our nation depends on Election Reform.  It is not yet too late for states to:

1. genuinely audit 2020 election results, and
2. upgrade their laws to incorporate meaningful audits in the future.
John’s Newsletter noted the following:
Note 1:  Our ten election integrity reports are at: Election-Integrity.info.
 As John Droz explains: “Our team of authors of 2020 election-related analyses are unpaid volunteers, whose expertise covers a wide range of fields (Cyber Security, IT, Statistics, Physics, Economics, etc.). Our main interest is in assuring election integrity, which is when American citizens legally express their preferences for their representatives.”
For your convenience, Thorner has listed below the ten election integrity reports found at Election-Integrity.info.
4-  Claudia Tenney Report (NY-22),
9- Election Integrity: Recommendations Report (plus one page digest of State recommendations), and
Note 2:  The most recent election report, Post-Election Audits, is a unique discussion of this hot topic. Here is a short video about it.
As Droz explains:  “Meaningful (i.e. forensic) audits are the only way we can verify and maintain election integrity. Unfortunately, almost none of these have been done in the US.
“This report (written for citizens and legislators) explains the three types of election forensic audits, as well as how and why they should be done.”
For Mr. Droz, the most important link is Election-Integrity.info, as that has all of the reports, plus several other superior studies from other parties.
Note 3:  Our team of experts just did a major update of the popular Recommendations Report.
The above report sets forth a comprehensive (thirty!) list of constructive, collaborative and creative recommendations to meaningful reform by Droz and his team of unpaid volunteers.
Said John Droz:  “A lot of people have weighed in — from both sides of the political aisle — with ideas about what needs to be done regarding assuring US Election Integrity.  Unfortunately, many of their good suggestions have yet to be fully implemented.
Our objective here is to: a) extract the best ideas from these bipartisan recommendations, and b) add some creative new ideas. We believe that election reforms not only must be understood by the general public, but also that citizens need to find them inspiring. We’ve tried to simplify this complex matter by arranging these recommendations in a unique, chronological way.  Note that these items need to be considered as a package, rather than individually.).
The indisputable fact is that we need to make some major productive changes immediately on both the state and federal levels — or problematic bills like HR-1/S-1 & HR-4 (see Appendix D) will be adopted by default.”  End of quote.
In this short article Thorner couldn’t go into all thirty (30) recommendations, so she’ll just touch on a few.  Please read the full Recommendations Report, and the background of explanations, at Election-Integrity.info.
Ten of the Experts suggestions:
1) All eligible US citizens should be automatically registered to vote. This would be facilitated by connecting to their social security number, or something equivalent. This change would expand voter access to the max — and would also be an effective way of minimizing double-voting, and multiple other potential voter abuses.
2) Every state would set up three-week advance voting, at convenient locations in every precinct. This would assure a substantial amount of time for all eligible citizens to vote.
3) Election Day would be a national holiday.  Again, this would also make it easier for eligible citizens to get to the polls and cast their vote.
4) Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting, Third Party Election Funding, etc. would all be prohibited. These are ripe for abuse, and simply not necessary when the other changes we’re advocating are implemented.
5) Sample forensic audits should be automatic.  This is explained in our separate report called Post-Election Audits: Assuring Election Integrity. It’s item #10 at Election-Integrity.info.
6) Election observers are allowed complete access to the election process. This would seem to be obvious: unless there is full access, there is little point to having observers.
7) A national 800 number and website would be set up for citizens to report possible improper election actions. Currently there is no consistent or well-known process in place to receive citizen input, for each and every state.  We also recommend that legitimate complaints be forwarded to every state legislature, before they vote on certifying their state’s results. Currently state legislators receive no such information, so how can certification be meaningful?
8) Negative vote tabulations are prohibited without detailed transparent supporting data. Most citizens are not aware that vote tabulators (like Edison) frequently have substantial negative votes (e.g. maybe minus 100,000) in their chronological listing of votes. They say that these are simply corrections, but there is no record of who made such a change, or why it was done. We are advocating for full transparency here.
9) Give serious consideration to eliminating electronic voting machines and their related equipment. There are a LOT of issues with these machines, so we need to do a comprehensive and objective net-benefits analysis of them. Then make a national decision as to whether we should eliminate these machines, or enact major new regulations, countrywide.
10) A bi-partisan Federal commission should be created in 2021 to research and issue a public report on the voting rules and regulations of European Countries, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Following this thorough analysis, Federal and State legislators should consider modifying their election rules to reflect what they learned.
As John Droz said: “The objective isn’t to promote a political agenda, but rather to maximize voter participation and election integrity.
We expect that those who profit from the current system’s failings will aggressively push back. Since they will not likely acknowledge that their objections are self-serving, they will almost certainly resort to such deceptive standbys as: there was no widespread election malfeasance in 2020.
That narrative is almost certainly false, based on these three facts:
a) Numerous bipartisan experts have already indicted the US system as having major liabilities. To find out that the 2020 election results accurately reflect citizens’ wishes, would not only be unexpected, but it would undermine the conclusions and competence of these independent experts.
b) There are multiple statistical analyses of various 2020 Presidential election results that have concluded that these results are extremely unlikely to occur naturally.
c) In the rare cases where voter and machine 2020 results have been forensically investigated, substantial irregularities have been revealed.
To see the details, please read the full Recommendations Report, which is item #9 at Election-Integrity.info. This is a living document, and improvements have been made to it already. The authors’ email address is on page two, and they are glad to consider any constructive ideas you may have.”  End of quote.
Please pass along to your social media contacts.  Time is of essence.

Originally published by Illinois Review. Republished with permission.

Nancy Thorner
Nancy Thorner
Nancy J. Thorner is a writer, cellist, and Tea Party activist based in suburban Chicago.


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