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Interview: Who Should Decide What America’s Children Will Be Taught and Believe?

Schools across the nation are regularly teaching children lessons of which their parents strongly disapprove or would do so if they knew what their children are being taught. In many cases, these programs are sustained through outright deceit.

Even in strongly Republican areas where most parents are likely to be conservative, schools are implanting a radical, extremist ideology in children, The Federalist reports.

“One of the most visible ways many Idaho public schools push extremism common to far-left locales is in exposing kids to adult sexual practices and gender ideology, often without parent knowledge or consent,” writes Joy Pullman for The Federalist.

A new film documentary that will reach the nation’s theaters on March 14, Whose Children Are They? Exposing the Hidden Agenda in America’s Schools, addresses these issues. In the final installment of our exclusive five-part interview, California author, education freedom advocate, and former teacher Rebecca Friedrichs, a contributor to the film, discusses its upcoming release and what the movie is intended to accomplish.

Heartland Daily News: Your upcoming film will hit theaters in less than a month.

Friedrichs: We’re really excited about it. The movie is called Whose Children Are They? People can find it at They can sign up for alerts and buy tickets, which are now on sale.

Heartland Daily News: What is the subject matter of the film?

Friedrichs: The movie has been created to give voice to brave teachers, parents, students, and some experts. We expose these things that are going on in our schools, such as undermining parental authority, blocking parents out of the process, teaching a sexualized curriculum behind the backs of parents, and then attacking parents when they push back.

Critical Race Theory is being used to divide and conquer our culture and undermine our free republic by indoctrinating our children in anti-American ideology, telling white children that they are oppressors and children of color that they are oppressed.

All these things been brought into our schools by the so-called teachers unions and their political allies.

These special interest groups have completely infiltrated our schools. They don’t belong there. Our schools should be run by parents and good teachers, and they should be working together to educate children. The schools should provide excellent education, including morality and standing up for our country.

We’re exposing the infiltration of our schools: how it happened, who’s behind it, and what people can do to fight back.

Heartland Daily News: What are you hoping the movie will accomplish?

Friedrichs: We have a call to action at the end where we’re asking people to stand with teachers. People don’t realize that teachers have been bullied and horrified by these unions for decades, and it’s very confusing.

Some teachers think the union is their friend, but really they’re the fox in the proverbial henhouse, and so teachers are too terrified to stand up. They want to, but they feel alone, so we’re calling on all these parents that are awake now to please stand together with the teachers in your community so you all can stand together and restore our schools to their proper order and their proper excellence.

Heartland Daily News: Do people who don’t have children in a government school have some stake in this system?

Friedrichs: To keep a free republic requires a well-educated and moral citizenry that can self-govern. We forgot to pay attention to our schools, and our domestic enemies came in and infiltrated them and have been purposely undermining our educational system and our morals by sexualizing our kids and doing other things to damage families.

Our schools are massively important to saving our free republic and to restoring all that we believe in here in America.

Heartland Daily News: As a leader in this movement, how do you feel about the progress at this point?

Friedrichs: I’m encouraged. I am more encouraged than I have ever been.

The reason I’m encouraged is because I’ve been fighting this battle since 1987. That’s when I first learned that the teacher unions were protecting abusive teachers, because I witnessed an abusive teacher and we couldn’t get the district to get rid of her. She stayed until she chose to retire. And all these little first graders were abused by her for years.

I knew that was so wrong, so I’ve been pushing back on unions since 1987.

All these years, I’ve prayed that parents would wake up and that teachers would wake up, and that this deception of the unions would not be permitted to stand anymore. Everyone was too afraid. Because of all that fear, we weren’t making any progress, but ever since COVID, parents have awakened to what’s has been being taught in our schools for a really long time.

You think Critical Race Theory is bad? You ought to see the sex ed. It’s unbelievable, and it’s been there for a long time.

So I’m heartened [that people now know what the nation’s children are being taught]. I’m encouraged. I’m full of hope because parents are standing up in massive numbers and teachers are awakening. I believe we’re going to see massive change. I have a lot of hope.

Eileen Griffin
Eileen Griffin
Eileen Griffin writes from Richland, Washington.



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