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Anti-Great-Reset Legislation Goes Viral

Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal of The Heartland institute have put together a video outlining the progress that has been made so far on state-level bills proposed to protect people from the Great Reset and its invasive environment and social governance demands. In the video, Haskins and Kendal highlight the work of The Heartland Institute in bringing these bills forward and sheperding them through the process in the states.

On the map below, the states are color-coordinated with their current status regarding ESG: Dark Red = good, Anti-ESG bills proposed; Light Red = pledged to propose good, Anti-ESG bills; Blue = ESG divestment bills in play; Yellow = states that look promising for positive action next year.

U.S. ESG legislation, March 4, 2022

—Staff reports


  1. It would be great to find out the bill names and who is authoring or considering authoring these bills, so we can look them up. My rep works so hard on so many issues he doesnt have the time to champion this one, but told me to work with the state registar to try and write one up and he would get behind it…… but I’m just a layman who doesnt know legal speak, so knowing which states I should try to emulate. Or knowing who in my state might already be working on it. (I’m in MN and shocked that it’s on the list, although I would bet we go red after this years election)

    Thanks for all you work on this issue


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