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Putin Receives Nobel Prize in Medicine for Ending COVID Pandemic


Warning: Satire Ahead

Switzerland – After serious deliberations deep inside the super-secret Nobel Prize Compound in Switzerland or wherever, the Nobel committee of medicine deciders have awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Medicine to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for singlehandedly ending the COVID pandemic practically overnight.

News of the swift and nearly miraculous end to a years-long pandemic came at a serendipitous moment for members of a certain American political party.

“While Putin should receive credit for ending this pandemic, President Biden also deserves praise for ending the pandemic and fulfilling yet another campaign promise like all of the other campaign promises he keeps fulfilling,” said Jen Psaki to a journalist and future coworker at MSNBC. “Yes, Putin’s magical ability to end this pandemic bodes well for any Democrat running for reelection this November, but that’s just a happy, happy coincidence.”

A version of this article was originally published by The Babylon Bee. Reprinted with permission.



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