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New Tools to Help Political Candidates Win on Health Care

There are two new resources to help political candidates win on health care in the 2022 election and beyond.

The Goodman Institute for Public Policy has launched a health care blog to help educate legislators and the public on free-market solutions to address today’s health care challenges. The blog publishes original content and links to relevant articles and studies. Devon Herrick, Ph.D., and John Goodman, Ph.D., the co-publisher of Health Care News, edit and write the original content.

Posts have included “Obamacare Made Drug Benefits Worthless,” “Should We Eat What Our Ancestors Ate?” and “Your TV Causes Heart Disease (but Your iPad Doesn’t).”

Free Market Blog 

The motivation behind the blog is to bring market solutions to health care problems, as did the defunct National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), writes Goodman.

“For many years, our health care blog was the only free enterprise health policy blog on the internet,” Goodman states on the blog. “Then, when the NCPA closed its doors, the health blog stopped as well. During this five-year hiatus, no one else has come forward to claim the space. So, my colleagues and I have decided to restart the blog in connection with the Goodman Institute.”

The blog is free of charge and readers are encouraged to share their views.

Voters’ Guide

The Goodman Institute released an online question-and-answer guide to help voters and candidates become better informed on solutions to health care problems on May 20.

“This brief Q & A covers all the major issues, including telemedicine, direct primary care, portable health insurance, Health Savings Accounts, continuous open enrollment, etc.”  Goodman told Health Care News. “There are two types of information: (1) what the issue is about and (2) how the two political parties have differed. This is an invaluable resource for voters and candidates alike.”

Staff reports

Internet info:

“The Health Blog,” the Goodman Institute:  https://www.goodmanhealthblog.org

“Q and A on Health Reform, A Voter’s Guide,” the Goodman Institute, Brief Analysis No. 147, May 20, 2022:  https://www.goodmaninstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/BA-147-Q-A-on-Health-Reform.pdf

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