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Biden’s Solar Power Scam

By Roger Severino and James Jay Carafano

When it comes to energy policy, President Biden has become a master of doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. His policies on solar panel production and imports are prime examples.

Everyone agrees that we ought to be good stewards of the planet. That’s why it’s critical that we get energy and environmental policies right. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden hasn’t.

Instead, he is pushing for a rapid, government-mandated transition to a society powered by wind and solar energy that he promises will deliver zero greenhouse gas emissions. This is neither responsible nor reasonable. Rather, it is a political fantasy agenda that will reduce access to reliable, affordable energy, damage our economy, harm the environment, and undermine our security program.

In using the Defense Production Act to bail out domestic solar manufacturers, the president clearly abused his limited special authority to pursue a political crusade. But it gets worse.

At the same time Mr. Biden invoked that act, he also ordered a two-year pause on new tariffs on solar panels that could be coming from China — ostensibly because U.S. companies won’t be able to keep up with the wholly artificial demand for panels created by his decree.

For the full story from The Washington Times, click here.

Roger Severino is vice president of Domestic Policy, and James Jay Carafano is vice president of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute at the Heritage Foundation.

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