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Teacher Under Investigation By DeSantis Says Parental Rights ‘Are Gone When Your Child Is in the Public School System’

A teacher under investigation by the Florida Department of Education for showing an LGBT themed film to 10-year-olds said Tuesday parents don’t have rights when a child is in public school.

Teacher Jenna Barbee of the Hernando County, Florida School District is under investigation by the DeSantis administration after showing her classroom “Strange World,” which features a gay character who has a crush on another man. The teacher has attacked critics, accusing them of trying to “get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.” (RELATED: University Hospital Denies ‘Transitioning’ Toddlers But Still Offers Puberty Blockers To Kids Under 16)

Barbee also told school board member Shannon Rodriguez that if her child was gay she wouldn’t love them during a May 9 school board meeting.

During an appearance on CNN Tuesday, Barbee called parents “ignorant” for being worried about the film being showed to their children.

“Those [parental] rights are gone when your child is in the public school system because there are students talking about these things, it’s where they get 90% of their socialization for the day,” she said.

A transgender-identified teacher allegedly threatened to shoot up a Hernando County School in March, and the school failed to inform parents about the incident until weeks later.

Parents told the Daily Caller the teacher was back in the classroom the next day. The school vowed to investigate how the incident was handled weeks after it occurred, once the Florida Department of Education reached out about the matter.

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Sarah Weaver
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