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Commentary: Higher Gas Taxes Won’t Solve Infrastructure Shortfalls in Missouri

As the Missouri Legislature is in session for 2021, lawmakers in the Show-Me State will be deliberating proposed legislation that is intended to mitigate...
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CA Democrats Abandon Gas Tax Holiday; Announce New Committee to Investigate Gas Price Gouging

California Democrats abandon gas tax holiday; announce new committee to investigate gas price gouging, ignoring need for immediate relief at the pump.

Gas Prices Are Highest in Democrat-led States

Gas prices are highest in Democrat-led states, according to a list of average gas prices by state published by AAA. By contrast, the states with lowest gasoline prices are all run by Republican governors.
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Gas Tax Lowered, but Nebraskans May Not Notice It at the Pump

(The Center Square) – Nebraskans greeted the New Year with a 2.9 cent-per-gallon drop in the state's gasoline tax. The tax, which is subject to...

Democrats’ ‘Climate Change’ Is Fake – But Their Taxes Are Real

Democrats, pollsters, and the media are colluding to cover up fifty years of failed climate predictions in and effort to get costly liberal tax and spend proposals enacted.

Oil and Gas Moratorium Fails in Louisiana Parish

The Caddo Parish Commission rejected a proposed moratorium offered by one of its commissioners to temporarily suspend ongoing and proposed oil and gas drilling activities in the Louisiana Parish, which contains Shreveport.
The Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City is reflected in the Missouri River at sunset on May 13, 2021.

Effort Ends to Allow Missouri Voters to Endorse or Reject October Gas Tax Hike

By John Haughey (The Center Square) – A taxpayers advocacy group is ending its petition drive to get a ballot measure before Missouri voters this...

Occidental Petroleum Breaks With Rivals, Rejects Carbon Taxes

The CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp says the company opposes a carbon dioxide tax, an idea that has gained support from rival oil companies and some trade groups.
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Massachusetts House Proposes New Fuel Taxes

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering levying additional gas taxes on the local level. Gas taxes are regressive and an unreliable source of revenue for transportation construction and maintenance.

One California County Bucks State Trend, Kern County to Resume Gas and Oil Permitting...

Kern County, California's five-member Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted an ordinance which would permit new oil and gas wells beginning in April.

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