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The U.S. Maritime Administration Staff Attempted to Derail a Long‐​Term Jones Act Waiver for...

As millions of New Englanders brace for the coming winter chill and historically high energy prices, they might be interested to know that one federal agency has been working with maritime industry lobbyists to deny them access to U.S. energy.
LNG export terminal

U.S. Leads World in LNG Exports for Now

In the first half of 2022, the U.S. became the world's leading liquefied Natural Gas exporter on strong exports to Europe.
LNG shipping

U.S. LNG Exports Deliver Energy Security, Economic Stability in Europe

The U.S. can help Europe alleviate its energy constraints by increasing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports.
LNG export facility

Biden Administration’s LNG Barriers Hinder Economic Growth, Threaten American Interests, and Undermine Geopolitical Stability

President Joe Biden has called for the United States to increase exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, the Biden administration’s climate policies have directly subverted this goal, as well as the U.S. energy dominance created under the Trump administration.

The History and Importance of U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG makes it possible for natural gas to be imported and exported around the world in a safe and affordable manner.
LNG export facility

LNG Export Facility Construction Underway on Gulf Coast

Construction has begun on a liquified natural gas plant, export terminal, and associated pipeline on the U.S. Gulf Coast south of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Attorneys General of 25 States Protest Biden No LNG-By-Rail Rule

The attorneys general of twenty-five states requested the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration imploring the agency rescind a new rule banning the transport of liquified natural gas via rail.

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Tightens Gas Pipeline and LNG Regulations

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission narrowly adopted stricter regulations and licensing requirements for natural gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas transport, which will raise costs and cause delays..
LNG export facility

The United States is the World’s Largest LNG Exporter, For Now

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported in December that for the first time in history America’s oil and gas industry led the world in exports of liquefied natural gas.
LNG shipping

Texas LNG to Save the Day as Europe Struggles With Its Gas Supply

Natural gas has provided certainty and energy accessibility to European consumers for decades, and today it is paving the way for new low-carbon technologies. While natural gas represents 20 percent of the EU’s energy mix, 70 percent of it is imported.

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