Eileen Griffin

Eileen Griffin writes from Richland, Washington.

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FBI Assigns More Agents to Portland While City Council Cuts Police Funding

The Oregon FBI announced it is adding more staff and reassigning officers from other divisions to deal with the ongoing violence and vandalism in Portland, the San Diego Union Tribune reports. This announcement...

New York City, Other Big Cities Losing Businesses, Residents

A major exodus out of New York City may be a very real possibility.

Chicago Lawmakers Urge Emergency Declaration, National Guard Call-Up

A group of lawmakers called for the declaration of  a state of emergency and deployment of National Guard troops to the city of Chicago on Friday, but the mayor and City Council...

Awful Economic, Social Costs Expected from Seattle’s Police Funding Cuts

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best ended a thirty-year career by announcing her resignation shortly after the city passed a police budget cut—and a reduction in her pay. Seattle City Council members voted to...

Montana Governor Candidates Agree: No State Sales Tax

Both candidates for governor of Montana are against a state sales tax.

Government Property Seizure Stymies Texas Small-Business Owner

A vehicle owned by a small car rental company located in Texas was seized under federal civil asset forfeiture law because a renter allegedly used the car to transport drugs without the...

Colorado Conservatives Prevail in Tax Hike Battle

A Colorado ballot initiative to make the state’s income tax progressive failed to garner enough signatures to be included on the ballot in the upcoming November elections. Initiative 271 would have established a...

Eileen Griffin

Eileen Griffin writes from Richland, Washington.

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