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Study: Regular Use of Ivermectin Prevented COVID-19 Deaths

“The P values (level of marginal significance) of this study are extraordinary and cannot be discounted easily by mainstream media. But clearly, the leftist mainstream media are not making these results major news stories. Use your critical thinking to make personal decisions to protect your health.”

Private Medicine Trumps Private Equity

 Sadly, we are on the road to losing private practice, the heart of good medicine. 

CDC Warns of New ‘Stealth’ COVID Variant Where You Test Negative and Get No Symptoms (Satire)

At publishing time, Pfizer had announced early development of a new, 103 percent effective vaccine, followed 3.8 seconds later by approval from the FDA.

The Pharmacy Benefit Manager Scam – Commentary

Most companies rely on their insurance broker to recommend a PBM, not realizing that PBMs are wholly entangled with insurance companies, which are equally entangled with brokerage houses, creating little incentive to slow down the gravy train.

Europe is Light Years Ahead in Biosimilar Adoption – Commentary

We need to reform our patent laws, align biologics laws with those for small molecules, and allow automatic substitution at the pharmacy level. With these and other reforms, the U.S. will drive greater biosimilar adoption, saving patients and taxpayers billions.

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar: ‘No Taxation for Social Security Benefits’ and Allow Seniors to Work More Without Penalty

Congressman proposes no taxation of Social Security benefits and no penalties for working after retirement,L to slow shrinking of labor force. By Robert Romano Baby Boomers are retiring faster than the population of 16-to-64-year-olds is...

Can We Trust Telehealth to be Fast, Easy, and Correct? – Commentary

Consumers desire health care like everything else in America, fast and easy, and they want it delivered by competent and empathetic professionals and telehealth seems to be the answer. But timely, assessable, and affordable is useless—and potentially dangerous, if the diagnosis or the treatment is incorrect.

Medical School Training Doctors to Triage by Race

"Patient health and well-being depend on future physicians learning medicine – not activism."

Biden’s Solar Power Scam

By Roger Severino and James Jay Carafano When it comes to energy policy, President Biden has become a master of doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. His policies on solar panel production and...

Commentary: President Biden’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Releases Aren’t Bringing Down Gas Prices

President Biden’s release of 180 million barrels of oil from the SPR only reduces national security, but not gasoline prices. Reducing gasoline prices requires new pipeline infrastructure projects, lower regulatory burdens, and expedited permitting decisions for onshore and offshore leasing.

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