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Charlie Kirk Threatens Legal Action against UC Davis Chancellor for Slander

Turning Point USA founder considers suit against UC Davis Chancellor Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk threatened to sue UC Davis Chancellor Gary May for comments he made in a video addressing “distress within...

Uncertain Revenue Expectations Cloud Pennsylvania’s Financial Future

The trends that stifle the state’s growth and impact its spending have not changed (The Center Square) – Two of Pennsylvania’s most respected economic analysts offered muddy expectations of future revenue estimates on...

Gov. Abbott Denounces Biden’s ESG policies that Hurt Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Abbott challenged the president on the same day a coalition of 18 governors announced their plan to oppose Biden ESG policies (The Center Square) – Gov. Greg Abbott denounced President Biden’s ESG policies...

Colorado Doctor Facilitated Suicide of Three Anorexia Patients

Annette Hanson, M.D., a psychiatrist at the University of Maryland, said “historically, we do not declare people futile when it comes to psychiatric illnesses. The suggestion is a form of coercion.”

Gov. Shapiro’s First Pennsylvania Budget Proposal at a Glance

A major portion of the governor’s budget address focused on more money for Pennsylvania’s public schools (The Center Square) – Gov. Josh Shapiro made the case for his proposed budget on Tuesday, claiming only a...

Pfizer Executives Must Come Clean on COVID-19 ‘Mutation’ Experiments – Commentary

The COVID-19 experience has taught us many hard lessons. A top-line lesson is that lawmakers cannot simply depend upon government administrators to do the right thing.

Vaccine Mandates Did Nothing to Stop COVID-19 – New Research

“Many firms lost businesses because of this,” Melo said. "They lost customers. They weren’t allowed to let customers in if they were not vaccinated, and also they lost staff. The idea at the time was that the benefits would outweigh the cost…but then what I find in the research is that there is not much of a benefit at all.”

Biden Takes Fire over IRS Targeting Service Industry Tips in New Plan

The IRS has issued new guidance for a voluntary tip reporting program for service industry employers (The Center Square) – President Joe Biden is taking criticism after the IRS said it will go...

Congress Should Investigate AARP – Commentary

"AARP makes more than a billion dollars each year by selling products to its members. And by far, the most significant source of AARP’s “royalty” money comes from UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest insurer."

Media Now Calls Pregnancy Help Centers ‘Anti-Abortion’

Pregnancy centers are often non-profit organizations that provide free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and material, moral, and educational support to women with unplanned pregnancies.

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