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Friday Fun Infographic: How to Tell a Prison from a Public School

Originnally published by The Babylon Bee. Republished with permission.

A Guide to 16th Century Grammar Explains What Founders Meant by Right to Bear Arms – Commentary

What this means: “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”

Physicians, Including Dr. Robert Malone, to Fight Medical Tyranny – Commentary

"If this Declaration simply remains words but not profound changes in the practice of medicine in this pandemic, then all hope for saving lives will be lost."

Democrats Up the Penalties on Forced Worker Vaccine Mandates

The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine.

Medicare for “Y’all” Means Better Deal for Some, Not Others – Commentary

The federal government has a habit of exempting the “select few” from many of the rules and mandates imposed on its “citizens.”

Governors Criticize Federal Rationing of COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

“There's going to be a huge disruption and patients are going to suffer as a result of this."

Big Tech Is the ‘Enforcement Arm’ of U.S. Government’s Attempts to Suppress Free Speech: James Taylor

As technology companies in the United States roll out new programs to censor users over political speech, there is a growing argument over whether this could be considered a violation of free speech protections in the...

The Deadly Myths About Masks – A Comprehensive Analysis of the Data

Albert Einstein warned that “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech,” and we cannot trust those who are careless with the truth. Powerful government officials and big tech executives have recklessly disregarded both principles.

COVID-19 – Is Your Doctor Foolish? – Commentary

"You probably will have a lot of trouble finding a doctor who will prescribe early treatment applying one of a number of published protocols."

Stossel: Charity That Changes Lives

Government-run schools fail kids. Teachers unions and education bureaucrats say, "We need more money!"   But America already spends a fortune on public schools. My town, New York City, spends $28,000 per student -- half-a-million dollars...

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