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Medicine Should be Science, Not Social Science – Commentary

When the social sciences can turn medicine into subjectivism, it becomes an authoritative venture. How else to explain the censorship of clinical discussion and evidence relating to early treatment protocols for COVID-19?

Wokeness Enters the Exam Room

In a May 11 workshop entitled “Intersectionality: Examining Concepts of Privilege,” participants were given readings and videos to review. One such reading was a book entitled, “Racism Literally Makes You Sick.

States Use Million Dollar Sweepstakes to Push COVID-19 Shots

California has set aside $15 million dollars in prize money. The contest is open to individuals as young as 12 years old.

The U.S. Should Not Open-Source Its Vaccine Technology – Commentary

"Does anyone think the COVID IP waiver (or any IP waiver for that matter), once enacted, would ever be rescinded? An IP waiver could also have a ripple into other industries whose technology, processes, or products could be deemed essential."

Big Insurance Wins in Colorado’s Attempt to Fix Health Care – Commentary

Colorado lawmakers have not been upfront with the citizens of Colorado. If House Bill 1232 is enacted into law, patients would suffer and insurance companies will profit

CDC Data Shows COVID-19 Was Pandemic for the Elderly

The virus took the biggest toll on people over the age of 75 with at least 635.8 deaths per 100,000. Those under the age of 14, school children who were unable to attend school for most of 2020, suffered the least, with 0.2 deaths per 100,000.

Wokeness Enters the Exam Room

To be credentialed by Michigan’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, physicians in the state must undergo “implicit bias” training.

Moving Beyond COVID-19 from Lessons Learned – Commentary

We call on the medical experts who inform governments to use some common sense, logic, and critical thinking. If it is all about the science, we implore the medical decision-makers to follow the data and science and understand that stopping Covid-19 ‘at all costs’ is not a policy and not attainable.

CDC Not Backing Down to Stop Rental Evictions

The U.S. Justice Department said it will appeal a federal court judge’s decision to vacate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s power to overturn evictions.

Leftists Make Me Not Want to Get the Vaccine – Commentary

Before this pandemic, I had a grand total of zero opinions on the issue of vaccines. I’ve never met an “anti-vaxxer” in my entire life.

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