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New Rule Requires Health Plans to Divulge their Deals with Providers

“This rule merely requires that health insurance companies share the same information as companies in virtually every other industry."

Do Masks Protect People from Virus?

Masks made no difference in the infection rate.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to COVID-19 Infection

“The simple and inexpensive intervention of taking vitamin D can significantly help reduce risk of infection by this deadly virus.”

Adults Delayed or Avoided Medical Care During Lockdowns

Nearly 41 percent of American adults delayed or avoided emergency, urgent, or routine medical care because of fear of contracting COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Of the 40.9...

Louisiana Earns ‘D’ Grade on National Fiscal Health Ranking

Louisiana would need $21.6 billion to pay all of its bills, including public employers’ pension benefits, according to a new ranking of the states’ fiscal health based on pre-pandemic data. Louisiana ranked 40th among the...

Conference Will Tackle Cronyism in Health Care

Health care is costing Americans $3.65 trillion a year yet access, rising costs continue to be a problem. How much is going towards waste, fraud and abuse?

Google, Apple Move Full Speed Ahead on Tracing App

“Even though the app is a private initiative, public officials and agencies can create public-private partnerships that turn a once voluntary app into a mandatory app

Colleges Send Students Home Despite No Hospitalizations

Among 26,000 students on 29 campuses who have tested positive for the virus, none have been hospitalized.

White House Appoints Reformer, Heartland Policy Advisor to Top FDA Post

“David Gortler has established himself as a sharp, out-of-the-box thinker known for his communication and teaching skills and ability to address and solve complex problems.”

New Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 Suggests Getting Fresh Air

Self-quarantine at home and allowing plenty of fresh air to reduce re-inoculation, along with zinc lozenges and hydroxychloroquine with an antibiotic is the course for most healthy people, according to the report.

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