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White House Appoints Reformer, Heartland Policy Advisor to Top FDA Post

“David Gortler has established himself as a sharp, out-of-the-box thinker known for his communication and teaching skills and ability to address and solve complex problems.”

New Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 Suggests Getting Fresh Air

Self-quarantine at home and allowing plenty of fresh air to reduce re-inoculation, along with zinc lozenges and hydroxychloroquine with an antibiotic is the course for most healthy people, according to the report.

The Unscientific Attack on the Science of Dr. Scott Atlas

Atlas has had a distinguished career as one of world’s top neuroradiologists. He has become a national expert on public health policy, especially in the cost-benefit analysis of government programs.

CDC Provides Guidelines on Limiting Violence Related to Lockdowns

The guidance, released on September 1, states that retail services are especially prone to threats and verbal and physical assaults from members of the public.

Trump Health Reforms Could Disappear Without Congressional Action

Without Congressional action, the nine health care reforms listed below could disappear under a new administration.  

Poll Shows Americans Overstate COVID Deaths

The poll is an example of “just how unsuccessful the media has been in putting the coronavirus into perspective.”

Commentary: To Stop the COVID-19 Surge, Let Physicians Practice Medicine

As COVID-19 ‘cases’ (positive tests) surge in border states, governors are being accused of ‘re-opening too soon.’ Gov. Ducey of Arizona, Gov. Abbott of Texas, and Gov. Newsom of California are imposing more...

Past Pandemics Were Seen as Threats but No Apocalypse – Commentary

The contrast between 1968 and 2020 couldn’t be more striking. They were smart. We are idiots. Or at least our governments are.

CON Repeal Attracts More Legislative Support in South Carolina

An effort to repeal certificate of need (CON) laws in South Carolina has picked up momentum after bills in both chambers of the state’s legislature picked up more support.

Report: School Safety Crisis Requires Child Safety Accounts

A Child Safety Account (CSA) program would empower parents to determine when their child’s school is too dangerous and transfer them to a safe school immediately.

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