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Hold Federal Health Officials Accountable for Misleading Us – Commentary

"If the Republicans somehow gain control again, will anyone other than Sen. Ron Johnson do anything to hold CDC and FDA officials accountable?"

Commentary: Should Congress Increase Social Security’s Age of Full Retirement?

By Brenton Smith Social Security is in trouble. Should we increase the retirement age? It depends upon who you ask: The American Academy of Actuaries supports the change; while the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College opposes...

COVID-19: Can We Relax Yet?

 Life insurance companies are also seeing a highly significant rise in claims in the prime working-age group. The reason for the spike in deaths is not clear, but it is not from COVID. It happens to coincide with the vaccination push.

Shedding Light on a Dark Idea

Congress tried this once before in the energy crisis of the 1970s. It was disastrous.

Video: Proof a Government-Controlled Digital Dollar Is on the Way

Heartland Institute Research Fellow and Center for Socialism Studies Director Justin Haskins presents evidence showing the U.S. government is planning to introduce a digital dollar and discusses the extent to which this...

Scholars Warn Virginia against Funding Washington Commanders Stadium as Negotiations Continue

(The Center Square) – As legislative negotiations continue in the Virginia General Assembly, some scholars are warning against government funding for a new NFL stadium for the Washington Commanders. After some negotiations between...

Putin Receives Nobel Prize in Medicine for Ending COVID Pandemic

News of the swift and nearly miraculous end to a years-long pandemic came at a serendipitous moment for members of a certain American political party.

They Are Still Defending Lockdowns

"Fifteen years ago, writers schooled in computer science began to imagine various totalitarian schemes for pandemic control. Experienced public health officials in 2006 warned that this would lead to disaster"

Evaluating Pandemic Deregulation

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel famously opined, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Many politicians have taken this to heart during the pandemic.

Haskins Discusses Putin and the Great Reset

Justin Haskins of The Heartland Institute explains "how the unfolding situation between Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world ties in to the World Economic Forum's Great Reset movement," "why the...

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