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Lockdowns Spread Virus

Lockdowns are not quarantines. Lockdowns concentrate people into fewer areas. Lockdowns cause only pain.

At the White House, the Purge of Skeptics Has Started with David Legates

Dr. David Legates has been fired by White House OSTP Director and Trump Science Advisor, Kelvin Droegemeier.

Parler Sues Amazon, Seeks Prompt Court Action

"Parler brings three claims against Amazon. It accuses AWS of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by 'contracting or conspiring to restrain trade or commerce.' It accuses AWS of breach of contract 'by not providing thirty days’ notice before terminating its account' [as required by the terms of the contract between the two firms]. Finally, it accuses Amazon of 'tortious interference with a contract or business expectancy.' By terminating Parler’s contract, 'AWS will intentionally interfere with the contracts Parler has with millions of its present users, as well as with the users it is projected to gain this week.'"

FDA Needs a Shot of Adrenaline Approving Vaccines

A nearly eleven-month gap between the vaccine’s discovery and FDA approval is frustrating.

Melinda Gates Admits Surprise Over Lockdown Fallout – Commentary

"Most of the people who have been advocating lockdowns in fact have no actual experience in managing pandemics."

Death Rates Up for Other Diseases Besides COVID-19

Death rates in the U.S. are up significantly from other causes besides COVID-19, a study finds.

Biden Delays Fauci’s Retirement

"I have worked for the Department of Health and Human Services for decades and decades. I want to continue my messaging within the context of my position."

Physician/Economist Speaks Out to Set Record Straight on COVID-19

Based on seroprevalence studies, the global COVID fatality rate is between 0.2 and 0.3 percent. Earlier, much higher projections were based on underestimates of how many people were infected by the virus and showed evidence of immunity.

Walmart Heirs Invest in Inexpensive, Rapid, At-Home COVID Tests

The billionaire Walton family that founded Walmart is among a group of investors behind a startup company developing a quick, $10, at-home COVID-19 test

U.S. Senators Request Review of Ivermectin and Guidance Adjustment

"We ask that you review each of the basic science, clinical, and epidemiologic studies in the appendix and update the treatment guidelines accordingly."

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