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Putin Receives Nobel Prize in Medicine for Ending COVID Pandemic

News of the swift and nearly miraculous end to a years-long pandemic came at a serendipitous moment for members of a certain American political party.

They Are Still Defending Lockdowns

"Fifteen years ago, writers schooled in computer science began to imagine various totalitarian schemes for pandemic control. Experienced public health officials in 2006 warned that this would lead to disaster"

Evaluating Pandemic Deregulation

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel famously opined, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Many politicians have taken this to heart during the pandemic.

Haskins Discusses Putin and the Great Reset

Justin Haskins of The Heartland Institute explains "how the unfolding situation between Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world ties in to the World Economic Forum's Great Reset movement," "why the...

Dr. David Gortler: Manufacturers, FDA Culpable for Ignoring COVID-19 Vaccine Risks

The failure to adequately monitor and warn for Covid vaccine adverse events has served to harden not only Covid vaccine hesitancy but has shredded the credibility of public health authorities.

Government Subsidies Make Health Care More Expensive – Commentary

"A guiding principle for reforming government health financing would be to allow Americans to control more of their own money for health care and coverage rather than to continue to have the government control how most of their money is spent."

Anti-Great-Reset Legislation Goes Viral

Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal of The Heartland institute have put together a video outlining the progress that has been made so far on state-level bills proposed to protect people from the...

Commentary: States Race to the Bottom in Economic Development Subsidies

In January, West Virginia’s governor called a special session of the legislature to rush through an incentive package intended to lure an unnamed company to the state. Later, it was identified that...

Ten Dangerous Unapproved COVID Treatments You Should Avoid

Did you know that laughter has not been approved by the CDC?

Appeals Court Pauses $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Mandate for Outdoor Recreation Companies on Federal Land

(The Center Square) – A federal appeals court on Thursday halted a mandate from the Biden administration that required an hourly minimum wage of $15 for outdoor recreation companies operating on public...

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