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Like Soldiers, Physicians Can Suffer ‘Moral Injury’ – Commentary

How often can you say that war veterans and doctors suffer from the same work-related injury? Not often, but that appears to be the case after a recently published study found that physicians suffer from “moral injury” at a rate similar to those of combat veterans.

The Consequential Term at the Supreme Court: Commentary

The next four to five weeks may yield a series of earthquakes in the areas of abortion, gun rights, regulatory power and religious liberty.

New Tools to Help Political Candidates Win on Health Care

John Goodman: The blog and voters' guide can be valuable resources for candidates and voters, alike.

Gavin Newsom Can’t Understand How He Got COVID when All his Servants are Masked

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced he had contracted COVID-19 but, thanks to being vaccinated, quadruple-boosted, and receiving a quintuple boost—for elites only—was experiencing only mild symptoms. 

Gas Prices Surge to New Record High a Day After Stock Market Plummets

(The Center Square) – Gas prices reached yet another record high Thursday, a day after poor retailer earnings reports sent stocks tumbling to its worst day in more than two years. According to...

Sanders Won’t Give Up on Medicare for All – Commentary

"He should give it a rest.  His single-payer proposal hasn’t gotten any better with time.  Witnesses and Republican senators tore it to shreds in a hearing last week."

Florida May Have the Solution to Out-of-Control Obamacare Premiums – Commentary

Recognizing insurance licenses from U.S. territories would give Floridians additional choices alongside ObamaCare and out-of-control Obamacare premiums.

South Carolina House Committee Fails to Repeal Certificate of Need

Certificate of need laws were mandated by the federal government in 1974 and regulate how many medical facilities are available in an area and what services they provide in an effort to reduce consumer costs.

Biden Administration Should Lose Its Mask Mandate Appeal – Commentary

"The Biden administration’s attempt to reimpose a mask mandate that is immensely unpopular among Americans who no longer have to wear a mask practically anywhere else is like trying to put a cork back in a bottle of champagne."

Medical Science Should Welcome Unconventional Thinking – Commentary

If you don't have an M.D. or another relevant advanced degree, they suggest, you should shut up and do as you're told. But credentials are not always proof of competence and relying on them can lead to the automatic rejection of valuable insights.

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