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COVID-19 May be Waning, but Will They Tell Us? – Commentary

"The rules and regulations of the pandemic always have been first and foremost about control, not health. To declare them over is to lose control."

Report: Louisiana’s Civil Tort System Is a ‘Judicial Hellhole’

(The Center Square) – The American Tort Reform Association has ranked Louisiana the sixth-worst civil court jurisdiction in the country, making the state a top “judicial hellhole” for another year. The Washington-based legal...

Supreme Court Ponders Whether Parents May Use Tuition Aid for Religious Instruction

A prohibition on distributing government funds to “sectarian,” or religious, schools is written into the constitutions of 36 states. Such provisions are known as Blaine Amendments. Last year, the Supreme Court considered and then...

San Francisco, New York City Reject New Housing

In the past 18 months, San Francisco has spurned two major chances to increase the supply of its infamously expensive housing stock. In June 2020, the Board of Supervisors blocked a proposal...

400th Thanksgiving, 51st ‘National Day of Mourning’ for Some Native American Indians

For many Americans, the fourth Thursday of November marks a time for family gatherings, home-cooked meals and perhaps a game or two of football. But for over 50 years, Native American activists...

Kansas Governor Listens to Public, Rejects Vaccine Mandate – Commentary

Today, federal policies have more to do with cementing the government’s control than serving the public good.

Opinion: Schools Should Focus on Their Core Responsibilities

There’s been a lot of sound and fury emanating lately from our nation’s schools and school board meetings. Many educators appear preoccupied with critical theories, historical inequities, systemic discrimination, DEI training, and...

Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Kenosha Shootings

(The Center Square) – A jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty Friday on all five counts against him in the 2020 shootings that killed two men and injured another during rioting in...

With Rogue Juror, Opioid Plaintiffs Face New Setback Most Foul

On a Friday in the middle of October, Judge Dan Aaron Polster discovered that a member of the unsequestered jury had done a little digging on her own and brought brochures related to the case into the jury room, distributing them to the other jurors.

CMS Sits on Money for Care of the Needy in Texas

Not long after Biden took office, his administration rescinded the waiver, not because of any material issues pertaining to the application but because of a procedural issue with the paperwork.

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