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Texas Should Continue to Resist Medicaid Expansion: Research & Commentary:

 Alternatives to Medicaid expansion are abundant and have been explored more thoroughly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccine Boosters Get Scrutiny from NYT

“The vaccine makers – Pfizer, Moderna, and others – have an incentive to promote it, because booster shots will bring them big profits.”

Health Care “Blue-Print” Expands Medicaid

The 92-page blueprint’s health care sections would expand Medicaid coverage to an additional 4.4 million people residing in twelve Republican-controlled states that have chosen not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Court Sides with Texas Over Rescinded Medicaid Deal

Paxton described Biden’s “attempt to force our state into expanding Medicaid – the Biden Administration’s ultimate goal” – as “deplorable” and “illegal.”

Doctors Announce They Will No Longer Treat Car Accident Victims Who Didn’t Wear Their Seat Belt

Website takes a humorous look at today's version of "doctors' orders."

Congress Marches Towards Government Takeover of Health Care – Commentary

Under the guise of infrastructure, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and his allies are plotting the biggest expansion of government-run health care since Obamacare.

What Does the COVID-19 Approval Mean for Vaccine Mandates?

Full FDA approval could give a variety of institutions more legal footing to mandate COVID-19 vaccines.

Hottest July and Month Ever? Interesting

The global temperature in July was reportedly the “HOTTEST” on record? But, what is hot and how do you use that to describe an entire planet?

Report Confirms 2020 Election Cheating, RNC Deploys ‘Year-Round’ Election Integrity Unit

A new report from the Republican National Committee documents numerous ways in which the Democrat Party broke laws, implemented changes without federal and state constitutional and statutory authority, and otherwise gamed the...

Mississippi Needs to Repeal Burdensome Certificate of Need Laws

Mississippi was one of the 23 states that suspended some aspect of CON laws during the COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary suspension of these laws allowed hospitals to provide necessary protective equipment and services for patients battling COVID-19.

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