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Free to Choose Medicine Can Bring Warp Speed to More Innovation – Commentary

This no-nonsense approach showed what can happen when the government reduces red tape and allows our top scientists and researchers to do allow what they do best

The FDA Under Biden: Here’s How Drug Safety, Public Health Issues Are Being Compromised

The Biden administration didn’t care about our epidemiology and drug safety initiatives – they just wanted us gone. This was profoundly unfortunate and has adversely affected America’s public health.

Medical Students Activate Over Race

"Our non-Black colleagues must join in the fight for justice to relieve the disproportionate burden on Black physicians.”

Texas Electricity Prices Are Lower Due to Deregulation

Prices in competitive markets have fallen, while those of noncompetitive utilities have increased. Competition has brought both residential and commercial prices down below the national averages. Nowhere is this truer than in Texas.

Commentary: Lockdowns Could Reshape American Politics for a Generation, or Several

It permits the “left” to again find its voice for human rights and freedoms.

Making the Case for Permanent Telehealth in One State: Testimony

States are making the case to make permanent reforms by the Trump Administration that give patients better access to seeing a doctor.

Reliance on Sales Taxes in Louisiana Highest Among All 50 States, Study Finds

(The Center Square) – As a share of total state and local tax revenues, sales tax collections in Louisiana came in at 42.3%, representing the highest percentage among the 50 states, according...

The Dangers of Censorship

By Jane Hampton Cook "Americans must unite to fight censorship..." Why did the Free Speech Congress meet an unhappy end at the beginning of the new administration? Was it a group on Parler, the free speech social...

Public Life Dying Under Lockdowns

Nearly our entire public life—the things that make life worth living—has been shut down, ruined, put out of business, and burned to the ground in total defiance of the Constitution.

Lockdowns Had Some Impact on Virus, Big Impact on Employment

A review of one year of data shows that the states with the fewest lockdown policies, as determined by a Wallethub.com, had the least change in unemployment rates in December 2020 compared to  December 2019.

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