Harry Painter

Harry Painter (harry@harrypainter.com) writes from Oklahoma.

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Free COVID-19 Tests Come with High Price Tag

These federally subsidized tests, along with the artificially “free” tests available through insurance providers, have been hampered by problems.

Medical Establishment Adopts Gender ‘X’ Policies

When political agendas get in the way of patient care, said Brase, “patients die.”

Gender ‘X’ Now an Option on U.S. Passports

The State Department website cautions that the government “cannot guarantee your entry or transit through other countries” and that travelers “may face entry restrictions in countries that do not recognize the X gender marker.”

Biden Administration Warns States Banning Child Gender Procedures

“Despite Ms. Psaki's ransacking of the available scientific knowledge, physicians are well aware that all mammals, including homo sapiens, are either male or female."

Pandemic Travel Restrictions May be Here to Stay

Cases and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are done so, why haven’t legislators and officials done more to end the restrictions and get back to normal?

CDC Pushes Back Milestones for Childhood Development

The milestones were previously based on the developmental progress that 50 percent of children could achieve. In February, the CDC updated the milestones to reflect the capabilities of 75 percent of children.

Sweden’s Approach to Virus Wins Accolades

Sweden’s Public Health Agency in 2020 touted its focus on clear, consistent messaging and personal responsibility instead of lockdowns. But its hands-off approach was criticized by many, including the King of Sweden.

Congress Considers Bill to Outlaw Denial of Transplants to Unvaccinated

“There is no science. What would be needed is a study of transplant outcomes in vaccinated versus unvaccinated— likely impossible to do.”

Biden Administration Challenges Religious Freedom of Health Workers

“People are already being forced to quit, and this has created its own set of adverse consequences for individuals and the organizations that imposed HHS rules on them.”

Lured by Federal Money, States Find It Hard to Resist Medicaid Expansion

Congress has made it difficult for states to resist expansion of their Medicaid programs to cover able-bodied adults, a move that can be politically popular but fiscally risky.

Harry Painter

Harry Painter (harry@harrypainter.com) writes from Oklahoma.

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