Harry Painter

Harry Painter (harry@harrypainter.com) writes from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Pandemic Telemedicine Leads to Increased Abortion Pill Access

“The downside is comparable to allowing home birth by telemedicine. The patient could bleed to death. There are other complications that might require surgical intervention.”

Masks on Planes Scheduled to End in September, Maybe

Facemask mandates in airports and on airplanes, buses and trains are scheduled to end in September but the reported emergence of the new SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant makes an early expiration unlikely.

Wuhan Event Suspected As Super-Spreader

Two members of Congress are calling for an investigation of the Military World Games in Wuhan in the fall of 2019 as a possible super-spreader event for COVID-19.

Flu Appears to Be Next Excuse for Mask Mandates

Some states are setting their mask mandates in stone, requiring future legislative action to undo them

Physicians Face Pressure to be Woke

“Placing one group in mortal peril to accomplish a perceived goal of equity is no equity at all.”

JAMA Fires Editor for not Being Woke Enough

JAMA buckles to pressure from an online petition after editor suggested on a podcast that physicians are offended to be called 'racist.'

Biden Scraps Medicaid Work Requirements, a Signature Trump Policy

“As a result of this rule change, it is likely that people and families will remain trapped on Medicaid rolls.”

Airlines, Event Planners Make Way for Vaccine Passports

“A vaccination passport, if created or supported by government action, could lead to the end of vaccine choice and the imposition of government-enforced vaccination mandates.”

School Choice Keeps Teens Happier, Study Finds

The study found the suicide rate in the 15- to 19-year-old age bracket dropped by 10 percent in states that have adopted charter school laws and that private schools can reduce mental health issues during the adult years.

Education Department Considers Income Share Agreements as Alternative to Student Loans

Under the ISA model, the student pays little or no tuition up front, and repays education costs as a percentage of their income.

Harry Painter

Harry Painter (harry@harrypainter.com) writes from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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