Kenneth Artz

Artz has more than 20 years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, publishing, newspaper reporting, and public policy advocacy.

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Single-Payer Health Care Stalls in California

"Financing a single-payer system is impossible, which leads to rationing by the government. Plus, health care financing must then compete with every other budget item, which makes medical care very political."

U.S. Homeland Security Department Issues Terrorism Advisory to Include Vaccine Dissent

“Homeland Security officials want to shut down citizen speech that doesn’t fit their narrative. They want to unleash the government forces against law-abiding people who disagree with the Biden administration’s version of ‘truth.’”

West Virginia Ditches Blackrock Over Its Coal Stance

The West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments, which is charged with managing about $8 billion in operating funds for the state, has informed the world’s largest investment manager, BlackRock Inc., it would no longer do business with it.

The Biden Administration Proposes Energy and Water Efficiency Regulations for Washing Machines

The U.S. Department of Energy is currently seeking public comments on proposals setting new standards for how much water and energy residential washing machines can use.

Michigan Fights the Federal Government to Protect Electric Monopolies

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a law granting monopoly utilities within the state’s the right of first refusal (ROFR) to erect new transmission lines.

NJ Governor Lifts School Mask Order Before Executive Order Expires

“The lure of autonomy is almost irresistible for many governors who can't let go of emergency powers, but the cold splash of electoral accountability is strong enough to snap them back to their senses,"

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Admits COVID-19 is Not the Primary Cause of Death in 75 Percent of Cases

“There is a confounding problem when everyone who comes to a hospital is cultured, has false positives or actually truly positive tests but no real symptoms..."

California Public Utilities Commission Releases Proposed Rooftop Solar Revisions

The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed regulations that would force the state’s 1.3 million owners of rooftop solar systems to pay for the additional costs they add to the state's electric grid.

Dozens of Natural Gas-Fueled Power Plants Are Under Construction in the United States

States near the nation’s largest shale plays are expected to bring dozens of of new natural gas-fired power online over the next few years.

Fauci Eyes Permanent Mask Rule for Air Travel

Despite his certitude as to the nation’s most visible health official, Fauci’s comments put him at odds with a 2020 study conducted for the Department of Defense (DoD) by American Airlines on airline travel. The study found that when seated with a mask on, “only 0.003% of particles actually made their way into another passenger’s breathing zone.”

Kenneth Artz

Artz has more than 20 years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, publishing, newspaper reporting, and public policy advocacy.

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