Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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Congress Caps Medicare Insulin Cost

“Price controls may be popular with those who benefit from artificially low prices but will ensure diabetic patients decades from now will not benefit from new advancements in technology because there will be no incentive to invest in newer insulins.”

Emails: Government/Big Tech Colluded to Block Health Information

“Much of what the government and Big Tech claimed to be fake news turned out to be true. Meanwhile, the public was relatively less informed, and government had a freer hand than it otherwise would have. This is precisely why we have a First Amendment, to prevent that from happening.”

Uncontrolled Borders Pose ‘Health Threat’ if Title 42 Order Ended

Physicians cite ongoing health concerns beyond COVID-19 as a reason to keep Title 42 in effect.

FTC Launches Probe of Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBMs) Practices

"Any efforts to limit the influence of major PBMs and encourage competition will inevitably result in lower costs for patients and a sustainable, fairer marketplace.”

Union Pushes California Ballot Proposition Raising Dialysis Staffing Costs

Proposition 29, which would require the presence of a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant during outpatient kidney dialysis clinics’ treatment hours is eligible for the November 8 election ballot, California’s Secretary of State announced on June 20.

Union Pushes California Ballot Issue Regulating Kidney Dialysis

A proposition that will appear on the California ballot this November 8 would require a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant to be present at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics during treatment hours.

Democrats Target Medicare Drug Spending to Shore Up Obamacare

There are many parts to the plan but essentially drug manufacturers would be hit with a 95 percent excise tax on their total sales if they fail to lower drug prices to the satisfaction of federal regulators.

Illinois Clamps Down on Surprise Medical Billing

"Past governmental intrusion into the health care market, and particularly the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), may have contributed to the issues that surprise billing laws seek to correct."

Telehealth Company Investigated for Adderall Prescriptions

Analysts have been quick to point out that the overall system worked in this case. Pharmacists stepped in and refused to fill prescriptions when they recognized a pattern of apparent over-prescription of controlled substances.

Medicare Limits Payment for New Alzheimer’s Drug

“Medicare pays for tons of medical care that does not work, which serves only to injure Peter and enrich Paul’s health care providers, without benefiting Paul at all.”

Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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