Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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Big Pharma Plans Hefty Price Hikes for COVID-19 Shots

Moderna and Pfizer plan to charge more than $130 for their COVID-19 shots, a big price jump from the government rate of $26.36.

New Diabetes Drug Costs Nearly $200,000

"Given the drug only delays the onset of Diabetes Type 1 by two years, the drug’s wholesale price exceeds the cost of delayed conventional treatment by more than 10 times.” "“Drug companies charge high prices because they can.”

Cigarette Smoking Continues to Decline: Survey Results

“I think the biggest factor has been cultural: cigarette smoking has become "uncool," largely due to an effective advertising campaign. Secondarily, a public education campaign has made most people concerned about the harmful health effects of smoking.”

Procedure to Harvest Live Organs Raises Red Flags

“I really believe if we hadn’t been pouring all our time, money, and research dollars into the current unethical system, I think we would have found better solutions for people, such as augmenting the heart or providing an artificial one."

U.S. News & World Report Defends Hospital Woke Ratings

“The Health Equity Measures document is troubling because 'equity' is now a shapeshifting catch-all inviting politicization and racialization of healthcare."

Fungal Pathogens Pose Increasing Challenge Says WHO

The release fails to note that one of the two primary drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients in hospitals has been rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug, Olumiant (baricitinib). WHO pushed for EUA in 2020. Olumiant, however, has a significant side effect: it can reduce resistance to fungal infection,

HHS Dumps Conscience Protections

The rule would effectively roll back limitations on the application of the ACA provision put in place under the Trump administration. The 60-day public comment period ends on October 3.

Congress Caps Medicare Insulin Cost

“Price controls may be popular with those who benefit from artificially low prices but will ensure diabetic patients decades from now will not benefit from new advancements in technology because there will be no incentive to invest in newer insulins.”

Emails: Government/Big Tech Colluded to Block Health Information

“Much of what the government and Big Tech claimed to be fake news turned out to be true. Meanwhile, the public was relatively less informed, and government had a freer hand than it otherwise would have. This is precisely why we have a First Amendment, to prevent that from happening.”

Uncontrolled Borders Pose ‘Health Threat’ if Title 42 Order Ended

Physicians cite ongoing health concerns beyond COVID-19 as a reason to keep Title 42 in effect.

Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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