Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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Union Pushes California Ballot Issue Regulating Kidney Dialysis

A proposition that will appear on the California ballot this November 8 would require a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant to be present at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics during treatment hours.

Democrats Target Medicare Drug Spending to Shore Up Obamacare

There are many parts to the plan but essentially drug manufacturers would be hit with a 95 percent excise tax on their total sales if they fail to lower drug prices to the satisfaction of federal regulators.

Illinois Clamps Down on Surprise Medical Billing

"Past governmental intrusion into the health care market, and particularly the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), may have contributed to the issues that surprise billing laws seek to correct."

Telehealth Company Investigated for Adderall Prescriptions

Analysts have been quick to point out that the overall system worked in this case. Pharmacists stepped in and refused to fill prescriptions when they recognized a pattern of apparent over-prescription of controlled substances.

Medicare Limits Payment for New Alzheimer’s Drug

“Medicare pays for tons of medical care that does not work, which serves only to injure Peter and enrich Paul’s health care providers, without benefiting Paul at all.”

New York Times Backtracks on COVID-19 Lockdown Harm

On May 5, 2022, the media outlet ran an article titled, ‘Not Good for Learning,’ which details evidence that school shutdowns cost students dearly in terms of math and reading scores based on standardized Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test results.

Pfizer Braced for Vaccine Adverse Events, Documents Show

“Clearly Pfizer didn’t want the data to come out. It could have shut down the vaccination effort, caused courts to stand up for human rights, put egg on the face of their FDA collaborator, and caused their stockholders to flee.

Supreme Court Restores Limits on States Blocking Interstate Energy Projects

The United States Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a ruling that vacated a rule change implemented under the Trump administration limiting states’ abilities to block major interstate energy projects under the 1972 Clean Water Act.

With Gas Prices Rising, Texas Oil and Gas Well Production Surges

Soaring oil and gasoline prices are driving a surge in new production, especially in Texas, where most drilling is undertaken on private lands.

Biden Invokes Defense Authorization Act for EV Battery Minerals

President Joe Biden announced is invoking the 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to encourage new mining in the United States, to secure a domestic supply of critical minerals, specifically for electric vehicle batteries.

Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.

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