Larry Sand

Larry Sand is president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.

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The Wacky Woke Pandemic

The radical rambling of the woke crowd – those who want to restructure society by dividing America according to race – is advancing, and things are getting truly bizarre.  Seattle’s K-12 Math Ethnic...

Sand: Unity or Union Fealty?

"In Joe Biden’s inaugural speech last week, he stressed 'unity.' In fact, he used the term eight times. So you might think that, in the education realm, he might extend olive branches...

Government Schools Ramp Up Anti-‘Whiteness’ Agenda with Taxpayer Dollars

In December it was revealed that the San Diego Unified School District had hired Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, two brazen race hustlers posing as “trainers” to jam their radical racial...

Commentary: Latest Attack on School Choice Is Short on Facts, Heavy on Fear-Mongering

The latest anti-school choice rant comes to us courtesy of Diane Ravitch, “a historian of education,” who is the Arthur Clarke of her field. When she writes, the reader is treated to science fiction dosed with a substantive amount of snake oil for good measure. In the current New York Review of Books, Ravitch’s “The Dark History of School Choice” is laden with cherry-picked half-truths and a level of fearmongering guaranteed to put a satisfied smirk on the face of every teacher union leader. Reviewing several books on the subject, she does correctly cite a few circumstances where the push for the privatization of schools was used to promote racial segregation, but her 3,700-word tirade is very light on facts, and is instead primarily an excuse to bash Betsy DeVos, Christianity and free market policies in education.

Biden Ain’t for the Kids

At the risk of stating the obvious, the country’s political future is murky. If Joe Biden withstands the onslaught of ballot fraud challenges and becomes POTUS 46, it’s anyone’s guess as to...

Teachers Unions Push to Halt Rapid Growth of Pandemic Pods

Seriously threatened by the pod phenomenon, the National Education Association is taking action. The union issued an “opposition report” attacking Prenda, a microschool provider in Arizona. Among other things, while Prenda policy says that prescription drugs, alcohol and weapons must be locked and secured at a pod location, the union claims that it is unclear whether Prenda conducts any inspections. NEA also says that Prenda should be taken to task for not providing meals or transportation to the students. In other words, the union is suggesting that parents are incapable of taking care of their own kids’ most basic needs.

Academic Achievement Has Crashed, NAEP Shows. Here’s Why.

The latest bad education news comes to us courtesy of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The most recent exam was administered to high school seniors in early 2019, a full year...

School Reopenings Are Being Decided by Politics, Unions—Not Science

A working paper released this month by Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform reveals that local politics, not the severity of COVID-19, is the most important factor in determining whether K-12 public...

Bugging the Proselytizers

Thanks to so many schools being in full online mode due do COVID-19, some of the proselytizers of indoctrination in schools are being outed. In Texas, a 9th grade English teacher adorns her virtual...


California governor Gavin Newsom is a force of nature. He leads a state which has record homelessness, rising crime and exploding pension debt. But wait, there is so much more! Ruling more...

Larry Sand

Larry Sand is president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.

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