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Biden Administration Sets Sights on Section 1332 Waivers

“The reality is, Democrats have never championed waivers that truly promote state flexibility despite what is included in the statute.”

Certificate-of-Need Laws Still Causing Widespread Harm, Despite Some Rollbacks

In six states—Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina—significant reform or repeal bills were initiated in 2021, suggesting major changes are on their way in the next few years.

Employer: Unvaccinated Need Not Apply

"We do not see much hesitancy in employers requiring vaccinations, given the long-standing law, reaffirmed recently by the EEOC, and have seen very few employers actually recognize and act favorably on requests for medical/disability or religious exemptions."

Democrats Want to Lower Medicare Eligibility Age

“The private insurance people already have is better than Medicare, which has huge gaps in coverage.”

States Ease Doctor Shortage by Recognizing Foreign Medical Licenses

Foreign physicians who seek to practice in America must wade through a bureaucratic approval process dating back to the 1950s.

Health Care Groups Enter Politics, Race Debates

“There are individuals who are racist, including patients who make racist comments towards medical staff, but I have never seen a patient treated differently because of their race or ethnicity.”

Higher Ed Rethinking Fall Reopening Plans

Colleges and universities are grappling with how to bring back students for the fall semester after campuses were abruptly shut down in March in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Physicians Still Waiting for Flexibility in Prescribing to Suicidal Patients

After publicly calling attention to the problem eight years, physicians say there has been little to no change in the way insurance companies cover prescription medications for suicidal patients considered in danger of a drug overdose.

Madeline Peltzer

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