Richard Ebeling

Dr. Richard M. Ebeling is the BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Movement Is an Attack on Everyone’s Freedom

Attacks on corporate entities are not just about big business. They're coming after you, too. The worst of the voices among the participants in the recent New York Times symposium of critics of...

‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ Is Just Another Term for Socialism

We are in the midst of an open counterrevolution against liberty and limited government in the United States. This may sound like strong language for dramatic effect. But it is really not...

Government Debt Is Just As Bad As High Taxes

Taxes Plus Borrowing Equals the Total Cost of Government Besides the misdirection of reemployed workers and industries from government deficit spending that sets the stage for some needed future correction and rebalancing of...

Fast-Growing National Debt Threatens to Unleash Economic Disaster

The Congressional Budget Office has recently issued a federal “Budget Outlook Update” for the next ten years in the context of the government’s fiscal condition in the face of the coronavirus and Washington’s spending...

A ‘Liberal Utopia’ Could Reverse Course Away from Socialism

A little over 70 years ago, the Austrian economist Friedrich A. Hayek (1899-1992) published an essay on “The Intellectuals and Socialism” (1949). Hayek suggested that the politics of the day is the...

Commentary: Trump’s ‘American Greatness’ Agenda Is Slower Road to Socialism

Donald Trump’s version of socialism is in fact not much different from what Republicans have been peddling and presiding over for many decades: duct-taping an unsustainable Social Security system, offering some hybrid private-government medical system, implementing a “conservative” version of educational interventionism, advocating “incentive-friendly” welfare statism, compromising personal and civil liberties in “wars” on drugs, terrorism and various forms of personal behavior not approved of.

Biden’s ‘Passion and Purpose’ Is More Political Paternalism

There was a time when most Americans distrusted those who offered them politically provided heavens on earth. Government was viewed as coercive, corrupt and generally incompetent in its attempts to improve the material and other conditions of man through regulation and redistribution.

‘Woke’ Words Redefine Liberty and Logic—to Eliminate Them

The ideas and ideals of classical liberalism have been and remain the only lasting answers to ending the real social and cultural ills that continue to plague parts of humanity around the world.

NYT Columnist’s Tirade Shows Weakness of Case for Central Banking

Paul Krugman may hide behind rude and crude ad hominem attacks on those who do not share his views, but that does not prove his case. It only serves to harm his own reputation and legitimacy in the arena of public policy debate.

Identity Politics, Cancel Culture Are an Existential Threat to America

Critics calling for fundamental change in the American system—those who profess the ideology and policies of “systemic racism,” identity politics, and cancel culture—focus on serious disparities between whites and blacks in terms...

Richard Ebeling

Dr. Richard M. Ebeling is the BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel.

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