Napolitano: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

"This is not about freedom or personal choice." -- President Joseph R. Biden, Sept. 9, 2021 It was scandalous and infuriating to hear President Joseph R....

Colleges’ Woke Agenda: Existential Threats and Progressive Scaremongering

By Joseph Davis “The terms, they are a-changin’” – S.T. Karnick In this day and age, thoughtful college students are besieged by the intellectual Left. I suppose...

Americans Support Governors’ Revolt Against Federal Vaccine Mandate, Poll Shows

New polling shows that the majority of Americans do not approve of President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate. Biden announced the mandate last week, which...

Napolitano: Texas, Abortion and the Constitution

Last week, this column addressed state nullification and secession under the U.S. Constitution. It argued, in effect, that when the government fails to protect...

Buchanan: 20 Years after 9/11 — Are We Better Off?

When the hijacked planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that first 9/11, the Taliban were in control...

Malkin: The Coming Abortion Insurrection

I told you it was coming. Back in May, on my show, "Sovereign Nation," I chronicled significant signs of pro-life progress that were driving...
Fist protesting on background of rainbow in skin colors. No racism concept. Different races protest, interracial community unity. Modern vector in flat style. Pride month

Stossel: Toxic Victimhood

Are you a racist? All white people are, says "White Fragility" author Robin DiAngelo. Race explains everything, says bestselling "How to Be an Antiracist" author Ibram...

Big Tech Censorship Is an Assault on Individual Liberty

Today, a small number of giant corporations have secured monopoly power over the primary means by which Americans exercise their free-speech rights. It’s time for change.
Crowd of young and elderly men and women in trendy hipster clothes. Diverse group of stylish people standing together. Society or population, social diversity. Flat cartoon vector illustration

Prager: Colorblind Is the Moral Ideal

There is little that reveals the immorality and dishonesty of the left more than its labeling the term "colorblind" racist. Here are just a few...
Democratic donkey and Republican elephant butting heads.

Buchanan: Is Democracy Versus Autocracy the New Cold War?

"He may be an SOB, but he's our SOB." So said President Franklin D. Roosevelt of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, and how very American. For,...

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Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Production Provides Jobs, Benefits the Economy, Says Study

A new study estimates oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico supported 345,000 jobs in the United States and contributed $28.7 billion to the nation’s economy in 2019.

California: Children Are Property of the State

California has a long history of “firsts.” The Golden State was home to the first computer, the first movie theater and importantly, the first...

Group Bypasses Big Tech Censors to Promote Vaccine Informed Consent

“They can’t be censored, however, there have been billboard companies that have refused to put them up,” said Brase.