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Republicans vs Democrats

Barone: Despite Lackluster 2022 Results, Some Favorable Indicators for Republicans in 2024

Duplicating 2022's results in the South and Midwest is one way an unproblematic Republican nominee could top 270 electoral votes in 2024.
Ron DeSantis

Barone: DeSantis and Kemp the Big Winners of the 2022 Midterms

The DeSantis victory looks like the model for the national Republican majority that neither George W. Bush nor Trump was able to deliver.
Republican surge

Barone: It Looks Like the Republican Wave Is Coming In

Just as the Republican Party's constituency has become more downscale and demotic, so has the Republicans' roster of candidates.
parents revolt

Barone: This Campaign’s Missing Issues – Foreign Policy and Economic Redistribution

What issues are the candidates and the parties not talking about? It's worth asking, because sometimes these issues turn out to be important.
Red wave

Barone: Fundamentals, from COVID to Crime, Favor Republicans

Fundamentals favor the Republicans —fundamentals that have their roots in the COVID closedowns and the racial reckonings.
risk aversion

Barone: The Democratic Party’s Risk Aversion Is Harming Us All

At a time when liberal white college grads dominate government, it's not surprising to see people going overboard on risk aversion.
Russia and Chine

Barone: It’s a Hinge Year in History – for Russia and China

By Michael Barone Will 2022 turn out be a hinge year, as a moment when long-standing trends in geopolitics suddenly shifted in a different direction?...
Democrats and Republicans squaring off

Barone: Are Polls Understating Republicans’ Support?

"Polls have routinely underestimated the attitudes of conservative Americans over the last twenty years," admits G. Elliott Morris.
The Queen's throne

Barone: Queen Elizabeth II Showed Monarchy’s Surprising Resilience

The praise pouring in from almost all quarters for Queen Elizabeth II makes a powerful case for the institution of constitutional monarchy.
Ukraine's war

Barone: On Ukraine and on Welfare, Morale Trumps Materiel

By Michael Barone Morale matters more than materiel. Again and again, experts' predictions, based on readily quantifiable data and logical extrapolations, have proved disastrously wrong. The...

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