Washington Fuel Prices Increased After 13-Week Decline

By Timothy Schumann  (The Center Square) – After more than thirteen straight weeks of price declines, Washington fuel prices increased this week. On Monday, the average...

Bill Restricting Illinois Counties’ Ability to Regulate Wind and Solar Goes to Governor

By Kevin Bessler (The Center Square) – A bill that limits Illinois counties’ power to regulate wind and solar farms is headed to the governor’s...

IPCC Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate ‘Global Warming’

IPCC Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate 'Global Warming,' as recent research, including studies by The Heartland Institute, show. By Jerome Corsi Several recently published studies have provided methodological...

Lawmakers aim to stop Pennsylvania’s gas tax hike, but price at the pump expected to fall

By Anthony Hennen (The Center Square) – Pennsylvania’s gas tax is a major funding source for the upkeep and repair of roads and bridges across...

Footage Shows How Extreme Weather Wreaked Havoc in California

By Kay Smythe Footage and news reports from California show how a series of recent extreme weather events have wreaked havoc on the state, and...

Climate Change Weekly #459: Remembering Jay Lehr – Scholar, Truth Seeker, Friend, Eternal Optimist

Climate alarmists and their media allies once again made a slew of claims about natural disasters being caused by man-made emissions in 2022. And once again, these claims clashed with reality and science.

Biden’s EPA Prepares To Limit Industrial Activity With New Soot Limits

By Jack McEvoy The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday proposed a new rule that will further clamp down on industrial activity that produces fine...

DOE Report Shows Killing the Keystone Pipeline Cost Jobs, Billions of Dollars

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) – The Biden administration has drawn fire for admitting that killing the Keystone Pipeline cost the U.S. economy thousands...

Let’s Reshore U.S. Mining for Battery Metals

The U.S. depends on China for more than half of the minerals and metals deemed critically important for our nation's economic health and military readiness. China has made mineral production and processing a strategic priority, the U.S. has pushed mining to the margins.

Georgia Regulators Want Authority Over Those Who Sell Rooftop Solar Panels

By T.A. DeFeo (The Center Square) — The chair of Georgia’s Public Service Commission wants state lawmakers to give more authority to the state board...

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Scores: A Basic Primer

Rather than focusing upon profit, debt, and customer satisfaction, ESG forces companies to focus upon politically motivated, subjective goals that often run counter to their financial interests and the interests of consumers.

Tennessee Valley Authority Apologizes for Temporary Blackouts During Winter Storm

By Jon Styf (The Center Square) — The Tennessee Valley Authority apologized Wednesday for its power issues over the weekend, saying it was the first...

Climate Change Weekly #458: Bad Climate Assumptions, Worse Climate Predictions

Climate alarmists and their media allies once again made a slew of claims about natural disasters being caused by man-made emissions in 2022. And once again, these claims clashed with reality and science.

Three-State Regional Hydrogen Hub Enters Next Phase of Application

By Kim Jarrett (The Center Square) - Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma will submit a formal application to the Department of Energy for funding of their...

Washington State’s New Climate Curriculum Emphasizes ‘Emotions’ Over ‘Rational Thinking’

The Washington state Department of Health’s climate curriculum instructs teachers to focus on “emotions” over “rational thinking,” according to curriculum lesson plans.

Real Clear Investigations: A Purple Mountain Travesty in Waves of Tax-Dodging ‘Conservation’

Land conservation easements have been a win-win for land preservation and taxpayers, but they have turned into tax dodging schemes  For ecologically minded landowners, land conservation...

Report Examines Marine Mammal Predation on Endangered Salmon in Washington

A recent Washington State Academy of Sciences report examines if hunting seals and sea lions could help the salmon population recover.

State Attorneys General, Other Groups, File Petition Opposing U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Rule

Sixteen state attorneys general, 15 state associations, and multiple organizations are fighting against another Environmental Protection Agency rule they argue jeopardizes American energy and national security.

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H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. is the director of The Heartland Institute's Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.