Kansas Utility Proposes Solar Power Access Fee

Evergy, Kansas’s largest utility, has filed a proposal with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), the state’s public utility regulatory agency, to charge customers with solar panels about $25 a month to pay for the cost of servicing the special needs of their homes, which both pull power from and deliver power to the electric grid.

Covid, Climate Change, and Government Coercion

Covid-19 has seen democratic governments exercising coercive powers over their citizens on a scale never imagined. Their justification: Your freedom is someone else’s risk of catching a potentially fatal disease. They are attempting to use a similar justification for state coercion on environmental protection: Your carbon footprint is my climate change.

Youth-Led Climate Change Lawsuit in Canada Dismissed by Federal Court

A Federal Court judge granted the government’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought on behalf of 15 young Canadians, who argued the national government was violating their charter rights by not doing enough to prevent climate change and for supporting industries which are causing climate change.

Pipeline Industry Pumps $48 Billion into the Texas Economy, Study Says

A new report from Texas Tech University found, in 2019 alone, pipeline construction and operations in Texas had an economic impact exceeding $48 billion in the state.

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Ignores Legislature and Scientific Testimony in Joining States’ Climate Pact*

Pennsylvania is now poised to join a regional climate change agreement that is based on faulty assumptions about carbon dioxide, according to scientists and researchers who have testified before the state’s General Assembly over the past year.

China’s Green Offensive: The Paris Climate Agreement

Several well-funded, environmental advocacy groups lobbied and advised the Obama administration on joining the Paris Climate Agreement without disclosing their close ties to the communist government in Beijing.

Crisis Looms in Alarmist Climate Science

A crisis in climate science is emerging as recent research is producing both higher and lower projections for future temperatures in response to a doubling of carbon dioxide emissions than have previously been estimated.

Oregon Supreme Court Rejects Youths’ Climate Lawsuit Claims

The Supreme Court of Oregon has rejected claims brought on behalf of youth plaintiffs that the state’s public trust doctrine imposes broad duties on it to protect the environment from greenhouse gas emissions.

Iowa Utility Shuts Down 46 Wind Turbines Due to Safety Concerns

Iowa-based electric utility MidAmerican Energy has idled 46 wind turbines after large blades broke off of two separate turbines in mid-October and mid-September.

Energy and Race: The Media’s New Intersectionality

Energy divides the Left and Right, but not in the most obvious way. The Left sees energy as a means of controlling society and the “commanding heights” of the economy, to use a Leninist phrase. The Right tends to see energy as an important sector of the economy, but not an economic control knob – with one important exception: Donald Trump.

Vermont Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto of Global Warming Act

With no debate or discussion before taking action, Vermont’s Senate voted to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). Since the House had already voted to override Scott’s veto in late September, the bill is now law.

Federal Agency Gives Additional Support to Wind and Solar Power

A new proposal offered by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gives additional federal support wind and solar power developers.

Don’t Believe the Lies. Joe Biden Plans to Destroy Every Fracking, Oil, and Coal Job in America

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is lying when he says he won't ban fracking since the energy and climate plans he has signed on to require that fracking and all oil and gas production end to reach zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Federal Court Blocks California Ban on the Sale of Alligator Products

The Federal court for the Eastern District of California, based in Sacramento, has temporarily blocked a California law that would ban the sale of alligator products in the state.

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