Northeastern Fishermen Sue Biden Administration Over Monument Restrictions

Massachusetts and New Jersey commercial fishermen are suing the Biden Administration for  banning fishing in a large swath of the Georges Bank area of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Climate Change Weekly #435: Power Off? Grid Operators Expect More Outages

A power system that depends on the weather cooperating is a poor choice, yet it is what dim-bulb politicians in multiple states have mandated.

California’s $6 Per Gallon Gas Prices Breaks Record – Again

California’s average price for a gallon of gas shattered previous records again, in part because of the war in the Ukraine.

Massachusetts Legislators Pass Differing Offshore Wind Power Plans

Massachusetts legislators have passed two different plans to expand offshore wind power.

EPA Approves Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitos

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the release of genetically engineered mosquitos.

Those Pushing ESG Lack an Understanding of the Many Uses of Crude Oil

Advocates for divesting from oil as part of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are seemingly unaware, that once refined, oil serves as the basis of more than 6,000 products in our daily lives that did not exist before the 1900s,

Commentary: On Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing, Biden Is Flouting the Law

President Joe Biden's rule changes and delays for offshore oil and gas leasing violate the law.

Delawareans Sue to Stop Industrial Solar Facility

Opponents of a proposed industrial-scale solar facility in rural Kent County, Delaware are suing to stop the project.

Minnesota Regulators Nix One Electric Vehicle Subsidy, Approve Another

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission unanimously concluded it lacks the statutory authority to allow utilities to assess a fee to ratepayers to incentivize electric vehicle usage.

America’s Diesel Stockpiles Are Rapidly Dwindling, Fuel Rationing On The Horizon

The U.S. stockpile of diesel fuel, which is vital for the transportation sector and economy at large, hit a nearly two-decade low as fuel prices hit a record high Wednesday.

Solar Scam Leads to the Federal Slammer

Former DC Solar chief financial officer Robert A. Karmann is the latest in a group of company executives facing time in federal prison for their roles in a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

Climate Change Weekly #434: It’s Climate Catastrophe Du Jour Season, Again!

Like Pandora’s Box, global warming has been blamed for unleashing, or at least worsening, almost every manner of evil in the world.

Supreme Court Restores Limits on States Blocking Interstate Energy Projects

The United States Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a ruling that vacated a rule change implemented under the Trump administration limiting states’ abilities to block major interstate energy projects under the 1972 Clean Water Act.

With Gas Prices Rising, Texas Oil and Gas Well Production Surges

Soaring oil and gasoline prices are driving a surge in new production, especially in Texas, where most drilling is undertaken on private lands.

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