New Oregon Law Requires 100 Percent “Clean Energy” by 2040

Oregon enacted a law requiring the state’s two electric utilities to produce 100 percent “clean energy” by 2040.

Latest U.N. Climate Report Makes Alarming Claims, Leaves Questions Unanswered

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calls for rapid reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions in its latest report, in order to limit the worst impacts of supposed human caused climate change.

Texas LNG to Save the Day as Europe Struggles With Its Gas Supply

Natural gas has provided certainty and energy accessibility to European consumers for decades, and today it is paving the way for new low-carbon technologies. While natural gas represents 20 percent of the EU’s energy mix, 70 percent of it is imported.

Pitch Man Sentenced For Role in $54 Million Green Energy Ponzi Scheme

Wayde McKelvy, the pitch man hired to raise funds for what was discovered to be a $54 million green energy Ponzi Scheme started by two Temple University graduates, was sentenced to 18 years in prison in August.

Citizens Organizing to Block Offshore Wind Projects

Citizens of coastal communities are organizing in an effort to block large scale offshore wind projects being pushed by the Biden administration off the United States coast, arguing they are economically inefficient and harm the environment.

LinkedIn Bans Geologist for Climate Change Posts: ‘This Type of Content Is Not Allowed’

Greg Wrightstone, a geologist and expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has posted content on LinkedIn for years, but last month. Wrightstone, who serves as executive director of the CO2 Coalition, was banned from LinkedIn for posting factual information related to climate change.

Moore: Fossil Fuels Are Back — Everywhere Except in the USA

While the greens in America, including their champion zealot, President Joe Biden, howl their primal screams over climate change, the rest of the world...

Woke Companies Must Wake Up To the Dangers of ESG

Any mandated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and disclosure rules imposed on the markets should account for the economic, environmental, human rights costs of green energy requirements.

Washington state ban on plastic bags starts Friday

Washington state’s ban on single-use plastic bags goes into effect Friday, almost a year and a half after the law was passed.

India Chooses Economic Growth over Western Virtue Signaling

Despite John Kerry’s visit to India to persuade the subcontinent to adopt a Net-Zero goal, India is still charting an energy future with fossil fuels at its core.

Pennsylvania Court Dismisses Petition to Halt State Resource Development

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rejecting arguments that oil and gas development on state lands in Pennsylvania in and of itself constitutes a violation of the state’s Environmental Rights Amendment.

Stossel: Fighting Big Tech with a Lawsuit

John Stossel is suing Facebook for libel for lying about what he said in some popular climate change news reports he posted.

The Heartland Institute to Host “Great Reset” Themed International Climate Conference

The Heartland Institute is hosting the 14th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-14) at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jurisdictional Battle Rages in Rhode Island Climate Lawsuit

Jurisdictional questions continue in Rhode Island’s lawsuit against oil companies over purported damages from climate change.

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H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. is a Heartland senior fellow on environmental policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.