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Supreme Court Decision Upholds Second Amendment

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Massive Win for Gun Owners

The Supreme Court struck down a New York State gun law that required individuals to show “proper cause” to obtain a concealed carry permit...
Julian Assange

Napolitano: Julian Assange and Personal Freedom

"I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude." — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) It wasn't until 1969 that the Supreme Court's modern First...

Parents’ Guide to Children’s Rights Aims to Save America’s Public Schools from CRT (Commentary)

A new parent's guide to children's rights equips the public, parents, and students to resist "a theory that dismisses 'legal reasoning' and 'rationalism.'" “The most...
comedy club stage

Stossel: Comedy Moves to the Right

The Babylon Bee leads the charge in a comedy insurrection. A woman tells the cop who stopped her in a carpool lane she's allowed to...
George Washington

Parker: Faith and Freedom Go Together

Per a new report from Gallup, the percentage of Americans now saying they believe in God is the lowest since they first started doing...

Shapiro: The Death of The Elite ‘Center’

Our institutional elites rely on the power of civilizational foundations to prop up ideas that undermine those foundations. And everyone can see the contradiction. The...
In Elementary School Class: Portrait of a Brilliant Black Girl with Braces Writes in Exercise Notebook, Smiles. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Children Learning New Stuff

Supreme Court Overturns Ban Preventing Religious Schools from Receiving State Funding

Nation's highest court affirms constitutionality of state funding for religious schools in what could turn out to be a momentous decision. (The Center Square) –...

Prager: What Do “Men Give Birth” and “Defund the Police” Have in Common?

Unless you are brainwashed, you regard the statements "men give birth" and "defund the police" as absurd. Why, then, do leftists (as opposed to liberals...

Six Takeaways from Jan. 6 Committee Hearing on Trump’s Pressure on Pence

The Jan. 6 Committee's Pence hearing took a deep dive into the former Vice President's role in certifying the 2020 presidential election results and...
woke divided society

Barone: The Secular Right Versus the Woke Left

By Michael Barone The ongoing battle between "the woke and the unwoke" drives the left toward irrelevance and provides an opening for a reconstituted right. This...

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Inflation Eating Infrastructure Construction Funds (Commentary)

Inflation is eating into construction funds transportation agencies received from the 2021 infrastructure bill. In addition to restoring allegedly crumbling highways and transit lines, the...
Arizona extends school choice

Arizona Extends School Choice to All K-12 Students

The Arizona legislature extends school choice to all K-12 students in a bill Gov. Doug Ducey signed Monday. “This session, let’s expand school choice any...
coach improperly fired

Supreme Court Rules Coach Improperly Fired for Praying after Games

(The Center Square) – A school district improperly fired a football coach in Washington state for praying on the field after games, the U.S....