Study: Regular Use of Ivermectin Prevented COVID-19 Deaths

“The P values (level of marginal significance) of this study are extraordinary and cannot be discounted easily by mainstream media. But clearly, the leftist mainstream media are not making these results major news stories. Use your critical thinking to make personal decisions to protect your health.”

Private Medicine Trumps Private Equity

 Sadly, we are on the road to losing private practice, the heart of good medicine. 

New Studies Raise Questions about Drug Treatments for Depression

“Third-party payers tend to pay psychiatrists higher fees for brief, medication-focused visits, compared to the fees for psychotherapy sessions. Psychiatrists, like anyone else, tend to follow the money.”

Pressure Mounts to End COVID-19 National Emergency Declaration

“It cannot be justified by fears of a hypothetical recurrence of some more severe infection at some unknown hypothetical point in the future. We just cannot operate public health policy this way. "

Federal Legislators, Physicians Push Back Against Youth Sex Treatment

Bill aims to stop youth sex treatment  A bill before Congress would make it a federal felony to perform gender-changing surgery and give puberty blockers...

Moore: Biden Is Losing the Race for a Cancer Cure

President Joe Biden recently announced, with great fanfare, his Cancer Moonshot initiative. Biden used soaring and promising rhetoric about, at last, finding a cure...

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Becerra Rule on Forced Procedures

“We ordinarily let the medical profession come to conclusions about this and leave it up to the judgment of doctors; whereas, the HHS rule runs against very long tradition, like the Hippocratic Oath.”

CDC Warns of New ‘Stealth’ COVID Variant Where You Test Negative and Get No Symptoms (Satire)

At publishing time, Pfizer had announced early development of a new, 103 percent effective vaccine, followed 3.8 seconds later by approval from the FDA.

Social Scores Invade Health Care (Opinion)

Social scores invade health care as the new Office of Climate Change and Health Equity (OCCHE) plans to “redress the disparities” in health outcomes...

Lower Cost Biologics Face Obstacles, Says Biosimilars Group

Generic drug and biosimilar manufacturers opposed to the drug-price provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) continue to push cost-saving reforms.

Traffic Deaths Rising: U.S. Transportation Department Has a Plan

"The Biden DOT’s flagship traffic safety program, Safe Streets and Roads for All, pointedly excludes from eligibility the roads where more than half of U.S. traffic fatalities occur and doubles down on high-cost, low-value treatments favored by many environmentalists and mass-transit activists,"

Medicare Prescription Drug Price Controls Come with Strings Attached

The IRA’s supporters point to the savings to seniors resulting from the new law’s Medicare provisions, but many of these won’t take effect for years and will come with trade-offs.

Congress Caps Medicare Insulin Cost

“Price controls may be popular with those who benefit from artificially low prices but will ensure diabetic patients decades from now will not benefit from new advancements in technology because there will be no incentive to invest in newer insulins.”

Finally, FDA Allows Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids – Commentary

This is a “no-brainer”, and the most obvious question is: why did it take so long? The law allowing the FDA to approve OTC hearing aids was passed five years ago, in August 2017.

CDC’s LGBT Youth Resources Promotes ‘Q Chat Space’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set up an “LGBT Youth Resources” webpage in which it promotes a live group chat site for teens to learn more about changing their biological sex, transgender activism, drag, and divergent sexual relationships.

Government, Big Tech Ran ‘Censorship Enterprise:’ State Attorneys General

"The administration urged the public to “follow the science,” but instead were dictating the science."

Emails: Government/Big Tech Colluded to Block Health Information

“Much of what the government and Big Tech claimed to be fake news turned out to be true. Meanwhile, the public was relatively less informed, and government had a freer hand than it otherwise would have. This is precisely why we have a First Amendment, to prevent that from happening.”

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