Author: Pandemic Health Care Reforms Were Better Than Obamacare

One of the bitter ironies of the nation’s experience with COVID-19 is that emergency measures taken to stem the spread of the pandemic led to more meaningful health care reforms than were delivered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare.

Developing World Struggles with Pandemic and Lockdowns

Reports published this fall show that the lockdowns have put millions of people into extreme poverty, the first increase in 20 years.

FDA Needs a Shot of Adrenaline Approving Vaccines

A nearly eleven-month gap between the vaccine’s discovery and FDA approval is frustrating.

Fewer People Seeking Non-Covid Hospital Care During Pandemic

"Lockdowns and social distancing are not normal human behavior, and at some point, they take their toll.”

Studies Question Asymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19

The results are noteworthy because many COVID-19 mitigation strategies are based on the presumption of asymptomatic spread.

‘Health Care 20/20’ Plan Proposes Portable, Flexible Coverage

As workers become more mobile and endure the loss of employment because of pandemic shutdowns, the employer-sponsored health care model that covers more than 157 million Americans is primed for revision

Media Outlets Play Favorites with Mask Studies

Media outlets heralded a mask study, based on modeling, that concluded universal mask use could save 130,000 lives, while largely ignoring a randomized controlled trial that found masks worn in public offer virtually no protection against the SARS CoV-2 Virus.

‘Keep the Schools Open,’ Declares Fauci, Media Shrugs

"Fauci and other so-called experts pushed a policy that had harmed millions of American children for years to come and the liberal media didn’t care.”

Melinda Gates Admits Surprise Over Lockdown Fallout – Commentary

"Most of the people who have been advocating lockdowns in fact have no actual experience in managing pandemics."

Senate Bill Would Create Task Force to Monitor Public Health Statements

“[Peters] is attempting to choose censorship as the tool to suppress all dissenting expert voices instead of discussing what those voices have to say and letting logic and reasoning guide policy,”

New Approaches Besides Lockdowns Show Promise in Fighting COVID

New knowledge in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19 is renewing hope that the public will no longer have to endure drastic mitigation efforts such as lockdowns, government-enforced social distancing, and mask mandates.

Death Rates Up for Other Diseases Besides COVID-19

Death rates in the U.S. are up significantly from other causes besides COVID-19, a study finds.

Biden Delays Fauci’s Retirement

"I have worked for the Department of Health and Human Services for decades and decades. I want to continue my messaging within the context of my position."

Physician/Economist Speaks Out to Set Record Straight on COVID-19

Based on seroprevalence studies, the global COVID fatality rate is between 0.2 and 0.3 percent. Earlier, much higher projections were based on underestimates of how many people were infected by the virus and showed evidence of immunity.

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AnneMarie Schieber is a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Health Care News, Heartland's monthly newspaper for health care reform.