Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision Kicks Back to Congress, States

To counter more subsidies to Obamacare care, lawmakers should restore health insurance to what it was intended to be:  a premium that pays for a certain amount of calculated risk.

Supreme Court Gives Congress New Opportunity to Fix Health Care – Commentary

According to its supporters, a primary benefit of Obamacare is protecting people who enter the individual market with pre-existing conditions. Yet people who leave an employer plan and shop for insurance in the individual market today will face three unpleasant surprises: higher premiums, higher out-of-pocket costs, and more limited access to care than a typical employer plan provides.

Certificate-of-Need Laws Still Causing Widespread Harm, Despite Some Rollbacks

In six states—Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina—significant reform or repeal bills were initiated in 2021, suggesting major changes are on their way in the next few years.

Children Should Not be Forced to Wear Masks, Study Concludes

After 3 minutes, the children with the masks exceeded this standard by a factor of 6 and the youngest children had the highest levels. One 7-year-old participant’s Co2 level measured 25,000 ppm.

COVID Obamacare Subsidies Give Employers Reason to Drop Health Plans

Enhanced subsidies were based on the idea that millions of people lost insurance coverage during the pandemic.  In fact, insurance participation was up 5.7 million over 2019. 

Economists Called for More Hands-Off Approach to Pandemic

An alternative approach would be to lower the cost of the externality, rather than just trying to limit activities that lead to the transmission of the virus. 

GOP Report Outlines Democrats’ Tightening Grip on Health Care

The primer, “10 Ways Democrats are Killing Your Health Care,” outlines steps already underway to tighten the federal government’s grip over health care.

Fauci Spends Time on P.R., Not Science, Report Finds

No other face has come to define the nation’s war against the COVID-19 pandemic than Anthony Fauci, and now there is a reason why: Fauci has spent much of his time being a media hound.

Biden’s Support for Removing Vaccine Patent Protection Sparks Debate

Biden’s surprise support for what is sometimes referred to as “patent busting” has earned him plaudits in certain quarters.  The IP waiver was endorsed by delegates to an American Medical Association (AMA) policy meeting in mid-June. And it has also triggered demands that the U.S. do more to make vaccine technology available to the world.

Congress Considers Resolution to Protect U.S. Drug Supplies

“We simply cannot outsource our public safety and national security to foreign nations.”

Promising Alzheimer’s Drug Under Attack for Cost

FDA approved Aduhelm under its “accelerated approval pathway” because “it provides a meaningful therapeutic advantage over existing treatments.”

Vacation to Europe? Bring Immunization Proof

Seven EU member states – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Poland – issued their first Digital Green Certificates on June 1. The policy is set to go into effect in all 27 EU countries on July 1.

Employer: Unvaccinated Need Not Apply

"We do not see much hesitancy in employers requiring vaccinations, given the long-standing law, reaffirmed recently by the EEOC, and have seen very few employers actually recognize and act favorably on requests for medical/disability or religious exemptions."

Covid Deaths Decline, Vaccine Interest Flattens

Natural immunity and seasonal shifts in communicable disease rates deserve much of the credit.

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