Conference Will Tackle Cronyism in Health Care

Health care is costing Americans $3.65 trillion a year yet access, rising costs continue to be a problem. How much is going towards waste, fraud and abuse?

Florida Pharmacies Struggling to Serve Customers, Advocacy Group Says

Sixty-one percent of community drug stores polled in Florida said they would turn away Medicaid customers seeking prescription refills because of inadequate reimbursement.

Rebreathing Your Own Air Could be Harmful, Even to Infected COVID Patients: Commentary

The potential harm from universal mask mandates, versus hypothetical (and small) benefits, is apparently not considered by authorities imposing the mask edicts.

All Workers Should Get the Same Tax Break on Health Care Costs – Interview

An HFA makes the tax savings, on a comparable amount of earned income, available to all workers to apply toward their health care needs. Equality of opportunity.

Deaths from Covid-19 and Obesity Rates

More evidence is emerging that people who are medically obese are more susceptible to death from COVID-19. Above is how obesity rates in the...

Google, Apple Move Full Speed Ahead on Tracing App

“Even though the app is a private initiative, public officials and agencies can create public-private partnerships that turn a once voluntary app into a mandatory app

Bills Liberate Health Savings Accounts

“We need to divorce HSAs from high-deductible insurance plans, permanently and completely,”

Pandemic is Pushing Doctors to Consider Independence

Despite increased interest in affiliating with a practice or health system in 2019, 26 percent of doctors who joined a health care system reported “buyers’ remorse.”

Time to Ditch Stale Health Regulations: Report

The authors call for a BRAC-style commission to reform rules and regulations.

Fewer Britons Expected to Survive Cancer Due to Health Care Rationing

Britons missed more cancer screenings and face lower cancer survival rates due to the U.K. National Health Service’s handling of COVID-19, a new study reports.

Colleges Send Students Home Despite No Hospitalizations

Among 26,000 students on 29 campuses who have tested positive for the virus, none have been hospitalized.

White House Appoints Reformer, Heartland Policy Advisor to Top FDA Post

“David Gortler has established himself as a sharp, out-of-the-box thinker known for his communication and teaching skills and ability to address and solve complex problems.”

$1.4 Billion Rural Hospital Billing Scheme Exposed in Federal Indictment

Using a practice known as “pass-through” billing, the defendants used these facilities to bill numerous insurers for expensive—and often medically unnecessary tests,

MI Health Departments Find Way Around Unconstitutional Executive Orders

The health departments’ actions have sent a chill throughout Michigan businesses and organizations.

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