Canada to Expands Doctor-Assisted Suicide to Mentally Ill

“So-called "safeguards" or "restrictions" written into euthanasia and assisted-suicide proposals are merely window-dressing to gain approval, soon gone and forgotten after legalization."

Travel Nurses Slam Pay Cuts After COVID-19

“No people, it’s called supply and demand. In retrospect, many of the nurses made the decision to relocate their families assuming the gravy train would never end.”

Cigarette Smoking Continues to Decline: Survey Results

“I think the biggest factor has been cultural: cigarette smoking has become "uncool," largely due to an effective advertising campaign. Secondarily, a public education campaign has made most people concerned about the harmful health effects of smoking.”

Medicaid Expansion Shifting Care from Children – Report

The increase in spending between 2013 and 2019 in Medicaid expansion states was 5.9 percent but in states that chose not to expand, spending growth was nearly three times more at 22.7 percent.

Pentagon: No Plan to Reinstate Troops Who Refused Vaccine 

Pentagon: No plan to reinstate troops discharged for refusing vaccine despite end of mandate directed by the National Defense Authorization Act. by Virginia Allen   The Department...

Military Ends COVID-19 Shot Mandate

“There should be an effort to reinstate service members who suffered under this mandate and make them whole.”

Sudden Death: Airline Pilot Struck Down Midair

Eighty percent of airline pilots have been injected with at least one round of shots, says Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers.

White House Renews Emergency Declaration for the 12th Time

Congress should immediately end the COVID-19 declared emergency, which has led to an “enormous federal role in health care, particularly a massively expanded Medicaid program," says Brian Blase of the Paragon Health Institute.

Government Blocked ‘Informed Consent’ for COVID-19 – Panel

“The tiny font that fills every inch of the insert includes the list of ingredients in the product and all of the known and suspected potential adverse side effects. However, the inserts delivered with the millions of COVID vaccines that were administered during the pandemic were completely blank.”

U.S. House Tackles ‘Weaponization of the Federal Government’

"An investigation of public policy being promulgated through private corporations is long overdue."

Negative COVID Test Required for Travelers from China

“Just one year ago, I traveled to Scotland and our ruling class required me to test negative for COVID to return home, as an American, to my own country. And now, only now, is there a restriction on Chinese admission to the United States.

Procedure to Harvest Live Organs Raises Red Flags

“I really believe if we hadn’t been pouring all our time, money, and research dollars into the current unethical system, I think we would have found better solutions for people, such as augmenting the heart or providing an artificial one."

Florida Grand Jury to Investigate COVID-19 Shots

“Governor De Santis’ bold and courageous leadership at the state level is showing all of us how each State in the United States of America can exercise its investigative, legal, and judicial authority to investigate threats to the public safety of the citizens of that state and hold wrongdoers accountable.”

Montana Moves to Stop Medicaid for Ineligible Enrollees

The enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), combined with policies adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to a dramatic expansion of Medicaid, including the enrollment of millions of people who, by law, are not eligible for the program, concludes a new study by the Paragon Health Institute.

Canadian Health Care System Introduces Punch Card – 10th Visit, Free Suicide – Satire

Babylon Bee - "It's important for every citizen to make sure he's not wasting taxpayer money to sustain a life that's not worth living. And now with this punch card, they know that with each hospital visit they're one step closer to the end!"

Portable Health Insurance Could Advance in Congress

“ICHRAs seem as strange to many people today as personal retirement accounts once did, but they will grow in popularity as workers benefit.”

TennCare Costs Will Increase as Emergency COVID Waiver Ends

TennCare costs will increase as the Medicaid program will need to recertify eligibility for all recipients as Emergency COVID Waiver ends. (The Center Square) –...

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