Federal Judge Rebukes Governor for Keeping Gyms Closed

“If Defendants can open or close any sector of the economy, at will, with nothing more than a vague reference that it is ‘dangerous,’ the potential for abuse is palpable."

Pandemic Opens Door for Pro-Patient Reforms

Now that the threat from the pandemic has diminished, lawmakers should use this opportunity to access what health care policies work and which ones stand in the way of patient care

FDA Changes View on Surface Contamination

“The new CDC information is a far cry from the scary news blasts that the coronavirus can last up to nine days on surfaces and tutorials on the hours-long process of disinfecting,"

States May Need to Brace for Medicaid “Tidal Wave”

Enrollment in Medicaid could soar by 73 percent, to nearly 55 million people, a new study states.

Doctors Question Treatment Protocols

Physicians should be free to use whatever they think is the best care for that the specific patient, as long as the physician tells the patient why the MD thinks the plan is right and what evidence led them to that conclusion

Supreme Court Decision Raises Concern Over Unsafe Practitioners

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law regulating abortion that could have assured women continuity of care in a hospital if complications should develop.

Kids Are Much More at Risk from Flu Than COVID-19, Study Finds

School-aged children between the ages of five and 14 have a one in 200,000 chance of dying from influenza but a one in 2.5 million chance of dying from COVID-19.

Five Provisions of Trump Reform Plan That Put Consumers in Charge of Health Care

Numerous surveys indicate the American public broadly supports moving the nation’s health care system to a more consumer-oriented mode

Make COVID-19 Health Care Reforms Permanent, Congress Urged

“These waivers are saving people’s lives right now and they will save people’s lives in the next crisis, too,” the letter states.

COVID-19 Lockdown Is Costing Money, Lives

Studies analyzing data from the COVID-19 pandemic show stay-in-place orders and social distancing have been costing the economy and individual health several times the value of lives saved.

Medicaid Decreases Life Expectancy, Report Finds

“Ultimately, the enormous outlays of economic resources plowed into Medicaid expansion likely could have been used in a variety of ways to better improve the economic well-being and health of Americans”

Obamacare Gets Mixed Reviews on Its Tenth Anniversary

“What we got instead was something that increasingly looks like Medicaid with a ridiculously high deductible.”

Sen. Paul Offers Bill for Portable Health Insurance Outside the Workplace

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a bill to allow organizations to offer portable insurance that can stay with an individual in and out of the workforce and across state lines.

FDA Approves Wearable Biosensor Patch Under Emergency Authority

“Physicians have the ability to set and receive text notifications for patients that are outside their current threshold for any of their vitals”

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