Gas Prices Hit Record High Every Day for Past Two Weeks

Gas prices have soared to new heights this month with the price of unleaded regular gas hitting a record high every day for the past two weeks, with, the national average regular unleaded gas price topping $4.60 per gallon.

Mothers Claim U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Violated Parental Rights

Lawsuits claim UPMC’s disclosure of their confidential medical information to child protection authorities for the purpose of targeting them with child abuse investigations violated...

Napolitano: Thoughts on Justice Alito’s Draft Opinion

In the pilfered draft opinion authored by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, he wrote that Roe v. Wade—the court's 1973 opinion that prohibited the...
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Studies Have Yet to Show Face Masks Protect Public from COVID-19

“The available clinical evidence of facemask efficacy is of low quality and the best available clinical evidence has mostly failed to show efficacy, with fourteen of sixteen identified randomized controlled trials comparing face masks to no mask controls failing to find statistically significant benefit in the intent-to-treat populations,” the study found.

Canadian Oil Sands Production Finds a New Outlet to the U.S. Gulf Coast

The Capline pipeline, connecting Patoka, Illinois to St. James, Louisiana, is now fully operational, transporting heavy crude oil produced in Canada’s tar sands to refiners along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

CDC Ignores Scientific Studies on Masks

Defying multiple studies that show masks have a negligible impact on protecting people from the coronavirus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance still requiring masks indoors, masks for children, and masks in some outdoor settings.

There’s More to Death than COVID-19 – Commentary

It appears we are guinea pigs in a grand experiment. The elderly were the casualties of Phase I.

Purdue Pharma Settles States’ Opioid Lawsuits

“It’s a big pot of money and what’s been holding it up is states attorneys general who are competing for media attention,”
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