EPA Finalizes Aggressive Vehicle Emissions Standards for 2023 and Beyond

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency what it says are the most stringent emissions regulations on everyday passenger cars and light duty trucks ever to be imposed on the model years 2023 through 2026.

Prager: Why the Masked and the Unmasked Have Disdain for Each Other

Among the many unbridgeable divides between Americans is a completely antithetical view of mask wearing. On one side are those who wear masks almost...

Zito: Inflation Is Eating Away at the Heart of America’s Small Businesses

Of the four restaurants Rick McQuaide owns across several counties in Western Pennsylvania, one is barely making a profit, two are losing money and...

Research & Commentary: Opportunity Scholarships Would Be Great First Step for Education Choice In Nebraska

Nebraska legislators are considering a proposal that would establish Opportunity Scholarships, a tax-credit scholarship program (TCS) for low-income students in the Cornhusker State. Tax-credit...
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CDC Ignores Scientific Studies on Masks

Defying multiple studies that show masks have a negligible impact on protecting people from the coronavirus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance still requiring masks indoors, masks for children, and masks in some outdoor settings.

There’s More to Death than COVID-19 – Commentary

It appears we are guinea pigs in a grand experiment. The elderly were the casualties of Phase I.

Facebook Admits in Court Its ‘Fact Checks’ Are Not Factual at All

As we have previously reported on Climate Realism, journalist John Stossel is suing Facebook after Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ labeled climate change information that Stossel posted...

Study: Did CDC Inflate COVID-19 Death Numbers, Violate Federal Laws?

The nation reached a significant milestone in late February, with media outlets reporting that the number of Americans who have died from COVID-19 passed the 500,000 mark. Such a death toll is deeply disturbing.  But is it accurate? 

Malkin: The Jan. 6 Video Cover-Up

Hide and seek should be a game for children, not for ruthless feds. But here we are. An American citizen, innocent until proven guilty,...
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