The United States Continues to Lead the World in LNG Exports

Natural gas consumption continued to increase around the world in May, and liquefied natural gas exports were up to help meet global demand, the International Energy Agency reports.

Attorney: No Law Allows Forced Vaccination

(LifeSiteNews) An Ohio-based attorney told LifeSiteNews that vaccine mandates, whether put in place by private companies or the federal government, are not on a sound...

Report: ESG Funds Are Riskier Than Others

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment funds tend to be riskier than other funds, a recent Wall Street Journal report indicates. ESG funds are...

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CDC Ignores Scientific Studies on Masks

Defying multiple studies that show masks have a negligible impact on protecting people from the coronavirus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance still requiring masks indoors, masks for children, and masks in some outdoor settings.

There’s More to Death than COVID-19 – Commentary

It appears we are guinea pigs in a grand experiment. The elderly were the casualties of Phase I.

Study: Did CDC Inflate COVID-19 Death Numbers, Violate Federal Laws?

The nation reached a significant milestone in late February, with media outlets reporting that the number of Americans who have died from COVID-19 passed the 500,000 mark. Such a death toll is deeply disturbing.  But is it accurate? 

Malkin: The Jan. 6 Video Cover-Up

Hide and seek should be a game for children, not for ruthless feds. But here we are. An American citizen, innocent until proven guilty,...

Texas Wind Power Failure Continues, Most of State Experiencing Outages

The folly of chasing renewable energy as a means of mitigating “climate change” is making itself abundantly clear today in Texas. When will politicians wake up and realize that renewable energy almost always results in unreliable energy?
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