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Real World Data Refutes COVID Projections that Led to Shutdowns

Americans have a less than three percent chance of contracting COVID-19, according to an analysis by Professor Anne Marie Knott of Washington University in St. Louis.

FDA Changes View on Surface Contamination

“The new CDC information is a far cry from the scary news blasts that the coronavirus can last up to nine days on surfaces and tutorials on the hours-long process of disinfecting,"

Common Core Has Led to ‘Historic’ Drop in Achievement Scores

A new study has found the adoption of the Common Core State Standards has led to a 'historic' drop in student achievement...

Al Gore Joins Global Elites Calling for Eco-Socialist ‘Great Reset’ Proposal

Last Friday, climate activist and former Vice President Al Gore joined the growing list of high-profile world leaders calling for a “Great Reset” of...

California Gov. Newsom Proposes Cutting Climate Spending to Help Plug Budget Gap

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed cancelling billions of dollars in climate spending to help close the financial gap created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Medicaid Decreases Life Expectancy, Report Finds

“Ultimately, the enormous outlays of economic resources plowed into Medicaid expansion likely could have been used in a variety of ways to better improve the economic well-being and health of Americans”
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