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Republicans Gain Supreme Court Majorities in North Carolina, Ohio

Republicans gain state supreme court majorities in two states that elect judges, after both major parties spent millions to flip seats. Voters elected new Republican...
Lockdown order in court

Private School Enrollment Continues to Grow in North Carolina

In North Carolina, private school enrollment continues to grow, even as public schools have begun to regain their footing in some areas.
north carolina covid 19 lockdown

Racetrack Sues North Carolina Over Lockdowns

Three Republican judges on the Appeals Court upheld a lower court decision against a motion by DHHS attorneys to dismiss Ace's claims, which allege violations of a right to earn a living under the state constitution's fruits of labor clause, as well as selective enforcement of Gov. Roy Cooper's COVID executive orders.
eminent domain closure

North Carolina Regulators Consider Using Eminent Domain to Remove Homes and Businesses and Make...

Residents, businesses and a Church in Moncure and Merry Oaks, North Carolina may lose properties if North Carolina's Department of Transportation proceeds with a plan to use eminent domain make way for a Vietnamese electric vehicle factory.

North Carolina energy costs are competitive, but increases loom ahead

By Victor Skinner (The Center Square) — North Carolina energy prices are roughly on par with neighboring states, but rising fuel prices and efforts from...
film set

North Carolina Officials Tout Film Subsidies Despite Evidence Showing a Net Loss for Taxpayers

(The Center Square) — Gov. Roy Cooper and state officials are celebrating more than $15 million in taxpayer-funded rebate grants for five television and film...
woke agenda

University of North Carolina Journalism School May Adopt Woke Agenda

New dean committed to woke agenda of diversity, equity, and inclusion. On March 11, UNC-Chapel Hill announced the appointment of a new dean for the...
Red light camera

Red Light Camera Laws Challenged in North Carolina

(The Center Square) — A Raleigh-based law firm is representing residents challenging red light camera laws in Greenville and Wilmington based on alleged violations...

North Carolina State University Recycles Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training for Greek Life

On March 15, students at North Carolina State University who are members of a fraternity or sorority were notified that they were required to...

GOP Leaders Look to Squash Union’s ‘Burdensome’ Ways in North Carolina School-Choice Case

(The Center Square) – Republicans in the General Assembly want the North Carolina Court of Appeals to halt proceedings in a lower court challenge...

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