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Washington State’s New Climate Curriculum Emphasizes ‘Emotions’ Over ‘Rational Thinking’

The Washington state Department of Health’s climate curriculum instructs teachers to focus on “emotions” over “rational thinking,” according to curriculum lesson plans.
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Washington State’s Deadline For No More Fossil Fuel Impossible If Snake River Dams Breached,...

Breaching four dams on the Snake River would result in Washington state being unable to meet its goals to decarbonize the power grid a new study shows.

Washington State Capital Gains Income Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

(The Center Square) – Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber ruled Tuesday afternoon that Washington state’s capital gains income tax is unconstitutional. “ESSB 5096 is...
A crowd of students at a school choice rally in Wisconsin

Despite What They Say, Washington State Public Schools Have Plenty of Funding

Editor’s note: Jan. 23-29 is National School Choice Week. This is the last of a five-part series of commentaries exploring the successes and challenges...
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Washington State Sen. Jim Honeyford Introduces a Bill to Stop Switching Time

(The Center Square) – A new bill introduced in the Washington legislature would keep the state in standard time all year, meaning residents would...

Washington state ban on plastic bags starts Friday

Washington state’s ban on single-use plastic bags goes into effect Friday, almost a year and a half after the law was passed.
hydroelectric dam

Historic Washington State Hydro-Electric Dam Threatened with Closure Due to Astro-Turf Release

A flood-related incident that sent piece of artificial turf into the Puyallup River has resulted in the Puyallup Tribe demanding the historic Electron Hydro dam be torn down.

Washington State Imposes Carbon Dioxide Cap-and-Trade Regime

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law legislation capping carbon dioxide emissions and setting specific emission limits for individual businesses.

Critical Race Theory Mandated in Washington State Public Schools

Three bills passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee require implementation of the controversial “critical race theory” in...
hydroelectric dam

Washington State Cap-and-Trade Bill Will Increase Energy Costs, Won’t Reduce Emissions

A proposal in the Washington Senate, the Climate Commitment Act, would create a cap-and-trade scheme designed to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in the state to “net zero” by 2050. It would make everything more expensive.

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