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rare earth elements

Without Unlocking Domestic Mineral Supply, the U.S. Will Become More Reliant on China

New research shows that without an expansion of domestic mining the United States push net-zero emissions makes it almost entirely reliant on China for key minerals.
china protest heartland institute

Josh Hammer: Assessing U.S.-China Relations in the Aftermath of the Spy Balloon

The unipolar moment of unquestioned American hegemony that briefly existed in the aftermath of the Cold War is over, columnist Josh Hammer says  The utterly...

Negative COVID Test Required for Travelers from China

“Just one year ago, I traveled to Scotland and our ruling class required me to test negative for COVID to return home, as an American, to my own country. And now, only now, is there a restriction on Chinese admission to the United States.
USA and China economic conflict

Betsy McCaughey: China’s Deadly Lies About COVID

It's reasonable that the U.S. and other countries to require air passengers from China to provide a negative COVID test to board, columnist Betsy...
Vladimir Putin

Three Big Surprises of 2022: Weakened Russia, Weakened China, Weakened American Economy

Nationalism can be a positive force for human freedom, columnist Michael Barone says 2022 was a year full of surprises. Important things didn't work out...

Chinese students at American universities protest China’s ‘zero COVID’ policy

Chinese students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University (NYU), Emory University, and George Washington University (GWU) recently launched campaigns protesting the Chinese government’s extreme COVID-19 lockdown...
China U.S. Technology

National Security Train Wreck: America’s Dependency on Rare Earth Minerals and China

By Steven Bucci The U.S. is currently heading for a major national security train wreck. Bewildering environmental policies, energy plans detached from reality, and an incomprehensible...
Russia and Chine

Barone: It’s a Hinge Year in History – for Russia and China

By Michael Barone Will 2022 turn out be a hinge year, as a moment when long-standing trends in geopolitics suddenly shifted in a different direction?...
Flags of China, Taiwan, and the United States

Shapiro: Faced With Potential China Crisis, U.S. Opts for Internal Division

We live in a deeply serious time with deeply unserious leaders. Historian Niall Ferguson has written that the "extreme violence of the twentieth century" was...
china protest heartland institute

Climate Change Weekly #444: China Scraps (Already Scant) Climate Cooperation Over Pelosi Taiwan Visit

China announced it was suspending cooperation with the United States in the fight against climate change. Heaven forbid!

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