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Republicans Offer Bills Targeting Putin, Seeking to Reestablish American Energy Independence

Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have introduced bills designed to restore U.S. energy independence and provide relief to American consumers.
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Commentary: Democrats Say Goodbye to Virginia’s Energy Independence

Democrats who control the Virginia Senate blocked efforts by the Republican led House of Delegates to repeal the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

Moore: Remember U.S. Energy Independence Day?

Once, during a meeting with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump inside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York, we discussed energy policy. I told Trump...
Alaskan Oil pipeline

Joe Biden’s Blame in the Energy Crisis

President Joe Biden claimed he would commit to ending fossil fuels under his watch – a promise he has done his very best to fulfill. To the detriment of American consumers and the nation's national security.
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Commentary: Joe Biden’s Progressive Energy Agenda Is Causing Soaring Prices

The Biden Administration cares more about appeasing radical environmentalists rather than securing America’s energy independence.
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Finland Forges Nuclear Path to Energy Freedom

Finland took a giant step toward energy independence with the startup of the Oikiluoto 3 (OL3) nuclear reactor.

Commentary: FARM Act Would Halt Subsidies Sacrificing Farmland to the ‘Green Energy’ Industry

The FARM Act is a much-needed policy that will restore common sense and fairness to energy and agricultural policy by removing the corporate welfare that has propped up substandard energy sources for far too long.

An America First Energy Policy

With our national security at stake, the time for a rational and ethical energy policy has arrived.

Sanctions, Climate Policy, ESG, and Energy Dependence

If energy dominance, economic superiority, lower prices, higher standards of living, and enhanced national security, are the goals, there is a simple solution: unshackle the fossil fuel industries, allowing them to operate according to the laws of supply and demand, rather than politicians whims.

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Tightens Gas Pipeline and LNG Regulations

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission narrowly adopted stricter regulations and licensing requirements for natural gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas transport, which will raise costs and cause delays..

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