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Illinois’ High Taxes, Outmigration Leading to Vulnerable Housing Market: Report

Illinois' housing market is heading for trouble because of high taxes and the increasing abiility for high-income people to live wherever they want thanks...
Affordable housing?

San Francisco Residents Making $179,500 Qualify for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing in San Francisco, where the average house is $2 million, is doled out by lottery. (The Center Square) – In the city of...
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Inflation Still Soaring at 8.3 Percent as Food, Housing, and Services Keep Getting More...

Prices throughout the economy have increased by 8.3 percent over the past year and inflation continues chugging along at near 40-year highs despite some...
Housing Bubble

Moore: Beware the Popping of the Housing Bubble

Washington never learns. Never. Politicians are like collective Alzheimer's disease patients. They have no short-term memories. Does anyone remember 2008? It was only 14 years...

Star Parker: Consumer Financial Protection Gone Awry Endangers Housing Market Again

The crises of recent years tend to erase from memory those that preceded them. One, as you may recall, was the financial collapse of 2008—a...

All Housing Is Affordable Housing

All housing is affordable housing. If developers build cheap housing, the price of all housing except the very most luxurious will fall. Alternatively, and...
Affordable housing?

San Francisco, New York City Reject New Housing

In the past 18 months, San Francisco has spurned two major chances to increase the supply of its infamously expensive housing stock. In June...
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California Attorney General Announces Strike Force to Address Housing Crisis

(The Center Square) – California Attorney General Rob Bonta has announced the creation of a Housing Strike Force within the state’s Department of Justice. The...
Man signing signing an eviction notice to a defaulting renter in due to missed rent in recession

Maryland Housing Advocates Aim to Prevent Wave of Evictions

By Kimberly James (The Center Square) – Housing advocates in Maryland are concerned that many families could face homelessness later this month as the federal...

Housing Markets Are Going Crazy

By The Antiplanner In Boston, a ten-foot-wide “skinny house” went on the market two weeks ago for $1.2 million, a 33 percent gain over the last...

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