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rare earth elements

Without Unlocking Domestic Mineral Supply, the U.S. Will Become More Reliant on China

New research shows that without an expansion of domestic mining the United States push net-zero emissions makes it almost entirely reliant on China for key minerals.

Georgia’s Ossoff is Concerned About Proposed Strip Mine Near Okefenokee Swamp

By T.A. DeFeo (The Center Square) — Georgia officials are accepting public comments on a proposed strip mine in Charlton County near the Okefenokee Swamp,...

Net-Zero Requires Additional Critical Mineral Mines

World governments have repeatedly sworn to achieve net-zero, but additional critical mineral mines are needed to reach that goal. By J. Peter Pham The message from...
sea lion eating salmon

Report Examines Marine Mammal Predation on Endangered Salmon in Washington

A recent Washington State Academy of Sciences report examines if hunting seals and sea lions could help the salmon population recover.
capitalism throughout history

With Economic Downturn Imminent, Fed Keeps Tightening

December is the sixth consecutive month of slightly negative money growth in the United States. The traditional six- to nine-month lag in monetary effect...
China U.S. Technology

National Security Train Wreck: America’s Dependency on Rare Earth Minerals and China

By Steven Bucci The U.S. is currently heading for a major national security train wreck. Bewildering environmental policies, energy plans detached from reality, and an incomprehensible...
HHS to broaden "sex" in sex discrimination

Corporations Undermine Anti-Discrimination Efforts (Commentary)

Corporations undermine anti-discrimination efforts by supporting discrimination based on superficial characteristics, writes Scott Shepard. (Commentary) More than 60 corporations signed on to an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme...
college students

Low Expectations in High School Undermine College Success (Commentary)

College freshmen are being asked to produce four times as much writing as most did during their last year of high school in 1/3 of the time.
eminent domain closure

North Carolina Regulators Consider Using Eminent Domain to Remove Homes and Businesses and Make...

Residents, businesses and a Church in Moncure and Merry Oaks, North Carolina may lose properties if North Carolina's Department of Transportation proceeds with a plan to use eminent domain make way for a Vietnamese electric vehicle factory.

Reclaiming rare earth elements could clean up Pennsylvania acid mine drainage

By Anthony Hennen (The Center Square) – Rare earth elements can be crucial for national security and economic production – and producing them may also provide...

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Texas Senate Bill Would Expand Patients’ Right to Treatment

SB 773 would prohibit anyone working for the state to block a patient’s access to an investigational treatment. Without such a provision, federal authorities could take aggressive action against entities giving unapproved treatments, such as withholding federal funding.

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