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Eight in 10 New York Towns and Cities Have Lost Population Since 2020

Filling in more details of New York’s ongoing demographic decline, the Census Bureau has just released updated local population estimates showing that 80 percent...

Michael Barone: The World’s — and the Pacific Rim’s — Disastrous Population Implosion

Will the world be better off with fewer people? For years that has been a hypothetical question posed to suggest an affirmative answer. Fewer...
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Missing on Campus: Higher Ed Seeks to Reverse Decline of Male Student Population

Hopeful young entrepreneurs in business schools routinely pitch ideas for startup companies as part of their classroom assignments. But the ones who were doing...

Republicans Blame Gov. Inslee, Ecology for Declining Salmon Populations

By Randy Bracht (The Center Square) – Three Republican congressional members from eastern Washington and Oregon who oppose breaching the lower Snake River dams for...
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Population Accelerates Around Charlotte, Raleigh and Southern beaches

North Carolina counties experience sharp population growth (The Center Square) – Several North Carolina counties were among the fastest growing in the country between July...
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John Stossel: Population Panic

The media should ignore doomsayers who claim the human population is not sustainable, columnist John Stossel says  Have you heard? The world is about to end! "60 Minutes" recently...

Essay: There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population

far from pushing humans closer to the earth’s carrying capacity, the creative potential of those eight billion human minds will further expand our access to resources.

Commentary: Global Population Hits 8 Billion and We Need to Keep Growing

The population just hit eight billion and it needs to keep growing because there's a connection between a growing population and sustained economic growth.
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New York Loses $19.5 Billion in Population Exodus, IRS Confirms

(The Center Square) – The Internal Revenue Service last week released more troubling data for New York, with the federal agency showing more high-earning...
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Which States Lost Population in 2021 and What Does It Mean?

Population declined in 17 states in 2021, according to an annual report from the Pew Charitable Trusts Fiscal 50 project. A long-term trend of...

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Biden’s Energy Policies Directly Cost U.S. Households More Than $2,548 Since 2021

Energy prices continue to surge due to President Joe Biden’s radical energy and climate agenda, according to an analysis by The Heartland Institute, a...
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Trump and Biden: Fiscal Impact of Executive Actions (Analysis)

Trump and Biden: Fiscal impact of executive action on 10-year borrowing costs was $13 billion and $1.2 trillion, respectively, during their presidencies. (Analysis) by Committee...
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Trump and Biden: The National Debt (Analysis)

Trump and Biden: The National Debt grew as spending on COVID and other things increased under both presidents. (Analysis) by Committee for a Responsible Federal...