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Federal Reserve Building

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What Happens When the Firemen Are the Arsonists?

The Fed raised interest rates to cool the inflation it caused by putting fiat money into the money supply, Judge Andrew Napolitano says In the...
Department of Justice Building

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws?

The feds simply see no wrong in their own obstruction of justice, Judge Andrew Napolitano says  Five members of the Proud Boys are currently on...
finances underwater

Dennis Prager: When Banks — And Other Institutions — Try to Change the World

There is no group more woke, or more sheeplike in its behavior than sports writers, columnist Dennis Prager says The primary concern of the people...

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Spying In Plain Sight

The Supreme Court has characterized spying as surveillance and surveillance as a search under the Fourth Amendment Last week, the Biden administration asked Congress to...

Southern Poverty Law Center and Antifa Extremists

Southern Poverty Law Center and Antifa were connected before the arrest of an SPLC lawyer on terrorism charges in Atlanta. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation...
FBI crime data

Crime Closed Retailers  in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas

Crime closed retailers in Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington, unable to absorb the losses, and corporations have relocated from Chicago. By Eileen Griffin A...
Democrats and Republicans

Josh Hammer: Parents and Children Are the GOP Future

When it comes to Big Tech, a parents- and children-first GOP must treat it as an addictive product requiring heightened scrutiny The Republican Party's slow...

Lab Leak Story: How Elite Scientists Lied and Concealed the Truth

Facebook, led and staffed almost entirely by left-wingers, promptly followed the lead of government science funders and suppressed news of the lab leak theory,...

Judge Andrew Napolitano: War and the Constitution

The U.S. has no treaty with Ukraine that triggers an American military defense, Judge Andrew Napolitano says  Can the president fight any war he wishes?...

Judge Andrew Napolitano: War and Indifference

Congress has authorized the president to spend up to $100 billion in borrowed dollars in support of the doomed Ukraine forces, Judge Andrew Napolitano...

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First Amendment Free Speech

University Removes Statement Compelling Faculty Speech after Report

A copy of the anti-racism statement which compelled faculty to denounce white supremacy was published by Campus Reform last month As of Monday, the English...

Temple Profs Hit University President with No Confidence Vote over Campus Policing

84% of the faculty union supported holding a vote of no confidence against the president, provost, and Board of Trustees chair The Temple Association of...

Neighborhood’s Bid to Secede from Atlanta Fails in Georgia Senate

Neighborhood’s bid to secede from Atlanta fails in Georgia Senate vote on a bill to allow a Buckhead City referendum. By Eileen Griffin A neighborhood’s bid...