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green energy

Bill Restricting Illinois Counties’ Ability to Regulate Wind and Solar Goes to Governor

By Kevin Bessler (The Center Square) – A bill that limits Illinois counties’ power to regulate wind and solar farms is headed to the governor’s...
Right Whales

Commentary: Whales on the Losing side of Wind Energy

Environmentalists want to crack down on the Maine lobster industry in the name of protecting endangered whales, but they turn a blind eye to the greater threat to whales from proposed offshore wind farms.
Wind facility

Voters in Ohio and Michigan Join 375 Other Localities in Vetoing Large Wind Projects

During the November 2022 mid-term elections voters in Ohio and Michigan joined more that 370 other localities in rejecting wind facilities.

Climate Change Weekly #454: Economic Realities Dash Biden’s Offshore Wind Plans

President Joe Biden’s plans for nearly a coast-long chain of offshore industrial wind facilities have more than a few hurdles to clear before they reality.
windfall profits tax

Americans Need More Energy to Reduce Prices. Not New Windfall Profits Taxes

A windfall profits tax won’t secure America’s energy future. The only thing that can? Producing more American energy.
Oil well drilling derrick

Texas Oil and Gas Industry Criticize Biden’s Threats of Windfall Taxes

By Bethany Blankley Editor's Summary: Representatives of the Texas oil and gas industry have responded negatively to Biden's recent threats of windfall taxes on oil...
Supreme court

Montana Man Sues U.S. Forest Service, Property Rights Case Winds Up Before the U.S....

In a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, a Montana man is suing the U.S. Forest Service for breaking an agreement it made with him on property he owns near the Bitterroot Mountains National Forest.

Climate Change Weekly #448: Proposed Virginia Wind Facility Threatens Endangered Whales

North Atlantic Right Whales (NARW) are majestic giants of the seas. There are only approximately 300 NARWs alive today.
Right Whales

Dominion Energy Hides the Threat Offshore Wind Poses to Whales

Dominion Energy is being secretive concerning the threat it’s massive offshore wind project poses to endangered North Atlantic Right Whales.
government spending

Biden Student Loan Amnesty a Windfall for D.C. Staffers

Biden student loan amnesty: windfall for White House and congressional staff, with more student debt in D.C. than in any other U.S. city. “Is it...

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Virginia Senate Committee Rejects ‘Education Savings Accounts’

Virginia Senate committee resists school choice (The Center Square) –The Senate Committee on Education and Health voted to “pass by indefinitely” on three school choice...
private school

School choice movement gaining momentum in Illinois

Illinois has an opportunity to raise awareness about school choice  (The Center Square) – The COVID-19 pandemic spurred scores of parents to search for other educational...
gun control and gun rIghts at the crossroads

David Harsanyi: Get Ready for Another Cynical, Useless, Gun-Control Push by Democrats

Most gun incidents are perpetrated by young men who have exhibited serious antisocial behavior and the shooter is already known to the police, columnist...